Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Fantasy Panty

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This is one remote you will both enjoy! This discreet, waterproof bullet is quiet enough to wear the panties out on the town and no one but you and your lover will know. Insert the bullet into the slot in the panty plug which holds it perfectly in place and get set for incredibly powerful vibrations. Your lover will thrill at the thought of turning you on from across the room as you quiver with anticipation! The stretchy straps of the panty fit up to 36" hips. It's waterproof and you get FREE samples of Moist Lube and toy cleaner. You'll BOTH have a great time! (Batteries included for both bullet and remote.)

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Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Fantasy Panty Date Added: Sunday 03 January, 2016

by Kirsten, Broadbeach

The plus-size remote control fantasy panty is basically the shape of a G-string with the front cover made from vinyl with a faux suede zebra stripe design on the outside and a more comfortable faux suede type of material on the inside. The G-string part of the pants is made from a medium thickness elastic and the waist material is a thick band of elastic. One of the things I like about the design of these pants is not only is it a relatively stretchy elastic waist but it also has an adjustable Velcro stripe to make it smaller or somewhat larger, which is a fantastic selling point because it can suit many different size women. The bullet is waterproof and is inserted into a studded sleeve on the panties and then covered over with a strip of material matching the design on the front and fastened in place with a small thin strip of Velcro along the seem of the pants to hold the bullet in place.Once you have your fantasy panties on you are simply a press of a button away from some personal fun and pleasure, where ever and when ever you like or hand the remote control over to you lover for the ultimate couples teasing play. Be at a restaurant having a romantic dinner for 2 or at a party with loads of people around, the fantasy panty is discreet and quite enough that only those playing will know of the game. Keep your partner in a constant state of arousal but stopping her before she gets to that point of no return and you will have her eating out of the palm of your hands and begging for release before the night is out.The bullet sleeve if studded to give you added pleasure. Can be used both internally or externally. This pack come with everything you need to get your night of passion and pleasure off to a perfect start. Included in the pack, The pants, the bullet, batteries (yessss), remote control, lube, toy cleaner and a blindfold for when you get back to the bedroom for more intense play.Plus-Size Remote Control Fantasy Panty, cause big girls like to play too.

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