Fetish Fantasy Beginners 6 Piece Cupping Set

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Heighten skin sensitivity, align meridian channels and physically mark your sub as 'yours' with this beginners cupping set. Unlike other pump kits, this 6 piece set enables you to apply sensual suction to several body parts at once for all-over pleasure. Using the same method as a penis pump or pussy pump, cupping uses suction to draw blood to the surface of the skin, which in turn leaves the receiver ultra-sensitive and swollen for erotic play.


This can be especially effective when used over erogenous zones such as the nipples and clitoris. Cupping creates stronger suction than standard pumping and is designed for use almost anywhere on the body, making it a fantastic way to relax, unwind and awaken nerve-endings. Instead of putting pressure on muscles to ease aches and pains as you would with a regular massage, cupping creates a gentle pull that permeates pressure up to 4 inches deep for a thoroughly satisfying experience. Besides the therapeutic benefits of cupping, in BDSM it can be a great way to enhance intimacy and take erotic exploration to the next step.


2 x Large Cups - 2.25" / 5.7cm

2 x Medium Cups - 2" / 5cm

2 x Small Cups 1.6" / 4cm

EZ-Grip Pump with Flexible Hose


BDSM play is now becoming very popular and has a wide variety of fetishes encompassing it. So it now accepted that couples will not just have vanilla sex but choose to try something a little more hardcore indulging in their erotic fantasy. Things that make the bedroom a bit more kinky like electrosex, or bondage restraints even products that allow sensory deprivation are now readily available from companies like Pipedreams that produce the bets-selling Fetish Fantasy range. The scope of bondage apparatus is amazing and unequalled in the adult industry. Learn more about your partner and build the foundations of a solid relationship by broadening your horizons with a bit more FetLiving.

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