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Blurring the thin line between PLEASURE and PAIN, drive you partner wild with this Exotic Spank!

Exotic Spank, a creatively designed sex toy with seductive studs that give you pure sexual arousal.

  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Seductive Stud
  • Erotic Poppers



With more than 35 years producing adult sex toys and novelties the Nanma Corporation is one of the most Established adult manufacturing businesses in the world. With factories in both China and Hong Kong they remain energetic and committed to bringing adult toys to the consumer at a reasonable price. Rather than spend the big dollars on packaging their emphasis is on producing quality pleasure toys that are safe and durable. They follow stringent safety standards and tesing. There are so many lines but some of their bestselling lines are jizzm,Big Boy, Hands On, Buckle Up, Crazy Performer, Little, Hold Tight, Seduce, Anal Revolution, Infinite Desire, Hoodlum, Doll Lush, Massive Man and many more.

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Exotic Spank Date Added: Monday 02 November, 2015

by Joshua, Tempe

Sex toys really do take experiences to another new level. My latest purchase, Exotic Spank is a sure bargain that will definitely bring in some unlimited joy.

At first I was very skeptical about the idea of introducing an item associated with spanking, but curiosity led me to try it out anyway. The tinge of pain amidst the throes of pleasure comes as a much welcomed surprise that leaves one yearning for more. After making an order, I was especially pleased to have the item delivered in discreet packaging. So there is no need to get embarrassed.

The amazing design allows for a comfortable grip that comes with seductive studs and erotic poppers. My partner was drawn instantly towards this Exotic Spank the moment I whipped it out for some action. The rewarding feeling that comes from pleasure, satisfaction and surprise all rolled up into moments of ecstasy. This is something that I would recommend to any person harboring second thoughts on adopting it.

There is no doubt that introducing this wonderful toy will improve the sexual experience for both partners. Foreplay has never been the same from the moment we entertained this toy. Occasionally there is the need to bring in more intensity during sex. Nothing gratifies this need more than a spanking toy.

First impressions are of an innocent little thing. This instantly changes to a practical and revered companion once its full purpose has been determined through trial. I especially appreciate the fact that both of us can take turns on each other. Dispensing pleasurable fun and getting some in return always works for me.

My partner and I are nowadays contended with our sexual escapade and expect nothing less but sheer pleasure enhanced with a twist. Sex play lasts longer than was the case before as we barely notice time pass by when caught up in our passions. Introducing this item has contributed a great deal in expanding thresholds that we had never thought possible.

Fetishes have no real limit so I expect things to flip into some pleasurable periods on short notice. Spanking is way more fun as there are so many areas that contain tingling sensations that can be brought to life. Spontaneity is always at the fore front during each of our sexual treats.

I know that there is much variety out there when it comes to sex toys. A decent pick that will live up to expectation is worth is a sure choice that both partners will like. As a couple, our preference is now tilted heavily towards this wonderful adult companion. It is now an indispensable part of our sex life. Each encounter is an adventure.
Exotic Spank carries an element of naughty fun that both partners cannot afford to miss out on. Different levels of escalating pain and pleasure with my partner creates room for many bedroom ploys.

The best part is that this inexpensive enticing treat is sized in such a way that it can be stowed away quite easily after use.

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