Entice Posture Collar with Leash

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Soft-bondage fantasies are ecstatically yours with our Entice™ Posture Collar with Leash. This elegant posture collar with detachable leash is hand made and double stitched with a Velcro® style closure. It’s sensually soft and plushy on one side with premium quality faux leather on the other. Featuring universal clasps and D-rings with swivel design and non-tarnishing, nickel-free, heavy-duty hardware , let your whims be indulged! Perfect for bondage-themed role play, this collar and leash will help you fully enjoy and sensually establish your dominant and submissive roles. You can so pleasurably lead your partner wherever you want to go with just a simple tug.

Your partner will be compelled to follow your commands, when you use our collar and leash. Revel in the power and play, enhance your bedroom experience, find your passion - everything can be yours with the perfect accessory to any soft-bondage fantasy.



29" / 73.5cm (Leash)

19.5" / 49.5cm (Collar Circumference)


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