Electro-Sex Toys

Long regarded by some as an effective tool in psycho-therapy, or information extraction from terrorists, electro-shock has been seeing a surge in popularity in the fetish sex toys market. The sensation of a sudden jolt of electricity in private places sends some fetish lovers into a fit of passion. There are several electro-sex toys that are available for both men and women, and for fetish lovers and those with a love for exploring the more twisted ways to orgasm with their partner. (read more)

As many of these devices utilize battery power, metal contacts and intricate wiring, many of them may seem to be a bit pricey but you will only think that if you've never had the chance to experience the thrill of pulsing sensation ripping through your body. Your heart will race, your mind will be blown and you will learn very quickly why these electro-sex toys are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

The first of the premium packs is the Flick Duo Stimulator. This unit is rechargeable and promises electro-orgasms. The Flick Duo has two connectors that control each attachment separately and the supply of attachments available for use is large from butt plugs to vaginal and anal stimulators. The control device has eight built in stimulation patters with several different speeds. If you are looking for some double penetration action ladies you control the speed and patterns of each attachment.

Keep checking... new and exciting products in this category are coming very soon!