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Prostate Massager


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In the rare instances where ultimate health and ultimate pleasure can be combined, you know we’re going to be all for it – even when they come together in seemingly unlikely ways.


In this case, the rare instance would be prostate stimulation through prostate massage – which, while being the key to some mind-blowing experiences, is also part of maintaining a man’s peak sensual health. When it comes to peak sensual health, men may be hesitant as far as their prostates are concerned, but the benefits speak for themselves.


This is a great option to assist in massaging your prostate with these great vibrators for men.


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Dream Blue Vibrating Prostate Massager Date Added: Tuesday 05 April, 2016

by Anonymous

The prostate, an essential actor in the male's sexual response cycle, is an gland that can cause health problems after the age of 40, although it becoming more an more common among younger men too. I read recently that studies suggest that inflammation (prostatitis) and prostate cancer can be prevented by massaging the prostate. The reason is simple: the flow of healthy blood must be boosted to remove sacs formed within the prostate gland. Without the proper flow of fresh blood, the sacs can become trapped with bacteria, which will contribute to swelling, pain, urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.

The Dream Blue Prostate Massager can be a perfect for men who want to start stimulating their prostates for both health or pleasure reasons. It is shaped with a pronounced curve so that the base stays outside the rectum, delivering vibrations on the perineum (a very sensitive area in all men), and the tip reaches the prostate. It is made of a very soft silicone, that feels like jelly, which will feel smooth and soft when inserting. It will not intimidate anyone.

The vibrations are provided by a removable bullet. It is not a fancy vibrator with different patterns or intensity levels, but vibrations are strong and definitely do the job. It is a perfect toy to massage the prostate with stimulation and enjoyment.

It can be use with any water-based lubricant to ease insertion and maximise pleasure. Given that the vibrating bullet is removable, the cleaning is really easy with antibacterial toy cleaner or soap and warm water.

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