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Doctor Sizer

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Sizedoctor is the best extender in the world. SizeDoctor is a vacuum based extender that effectively enlarges your penis. Besides enlarging it makes your penis and glans thicker. It also cures premature ejaculation and penis tortuosity correction, and it may improve Erection quality. 
Increase your penis size.
When you wear SizeDoctor penis tissues are stimulated for cell devision by continuous traction (tension). The tension causes cells' proliferation.
The principle of penis enlargement is celldivision, this happens naturally because of the traction. The divided cells will be reunited with micro growth. This is called “cells’ proliferation”.
The function of SizeDoctor was proved by clinical case studies and actual uses with over thousands’ consumers. The traction force applied for the SizeDoctor was proved safe without any side effects. The enlargement is permanent.
Material: ABS + Silicone + Aluminum
Extender Length: 17 - 12 cm/6.7" - 4.7"
Vacuum Tube Size: 6 * 3.5 CM/2.4" * 1.4"
What Include:
1 PCS Extender Body
1 PCS Valve
6 PCS Girth Fixing Band
4 PCS 4CM/1.6" Extender Bar
12 PCS 2CM/0.8" Extender Bar
2 PCS 0.5CM/0.2" Extender Bar
1 PCS Instruction Manual
1 PCS Gift Box
Doctor sizer products are all medically backed products that provide extensions on the penis. The use of such products requires the manual to be read carefully to ensure that you are getting the most out of your penis enlarger. Comfortable, and function, Doctor Sizer products have been sold all over the world and have extensive medical and consumer backing

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