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Precious glass eggs are intended to help fortify the Kegel muscles. Due to the material being glass, they're not only super hygenic, but they can also be warmed before inserting and give alleviation to menstrual cramping. They are made with 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. Many people associate glass with breaking, and sharp edges. Much care is taken with the production of glass toys and unless you intend on  throwing it forcefully at a brick wall they will not break or chip. Indeed, for the most part, even dropping it onto a carpeted floor will not result in it breaking. For bedroom use, and against the body, there's no danger.

Kegel excercisers are designed to increase strength to the kegal muscles. This helps with blood flow, blader control and incontinence. Kegel balls are especially useful after pregnancy, and will essentially tighten and tone the muscles back to relative normality.


Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 4 inches



NS Novelties is a sex toy manufacturer that provide a large range of high quality adult products including rabbit vibrators, hand blow glass sex toys, cock rings, dildos, prostate massagers, butt plugs, bondage products and much more. NS Novelties Sex Toys use the moto “Sexy. Powerful. Exciting.” to describe their innovative designs that fulfill sexual needs and desires. They offer sexual health products that are body safe with the use of high quality silicone, hand-blown Borosilicate glass, TPE and TPR.

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Crystal Large Premium Glass Eggs Date Added: Saturday 28 November, 2015

by Anonymous

Unlike silicone dildos/vibrators, glass toys are free of odors and harmful chemicals, which makes them 100% phthalate free, and 100% suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Glass dildos are not mass produced like many other sex toys on the market. They are made one by one by a glass blower. From the research I've done, it is also a very specialized skill, hence, many glass toys can come at a steep price. Since they are made one by one, the attention is given to all the small little details. Essentially, we are also getting a beautiful piece of art! (some of them are so preeeeetty!) Since glass is non-porous, there is no place for bacteria, germs and dirt to grow and hide, making cleaning a breeze! Glass toys can be washed in a number of ways, and really just comes down to personal preference. Some of these include: Warm water and soap Alcohol wipes Standard toy cleaner, to then be rinsed with water These babies can even go in the dishwasher! The glass feels sleek and smooth to the touch (especially once lubricated). As glass toys are non-porous, you only need a dab of lubricant to get going! If properly looked after and stored, glass dildos can last a lifetime. Many toys are cold and impersonal, however, glass toys warm up to the body's temperature incredibly fast, this feeling can be heightened even more by pouring warm water over the glass (prior to use of course). I've been told that the glass holds the temperature incredibly well. The reverse can also be done by adding the glass to icy water prior to use, to have a different kind of experience. Whilst they don't come with as many "features" as other toys on the market, you can ensure that no glass toy will have the same feel as the next. As you can see by the three pictures attached, they're all incredibly textured, in many different ways. You can see by the Fetish Fantasy glass dong attached, there is also a glass dildo on the market for the larger seeking players. Over all, I think a glass dildo is almost like a mini investment. As mentioned previously, when correctly cared for, a glass toy can pretty much outlive you! Durability: 10/10 Aesthetics: 10/10 they're so classy and sexy and discreet all at the same time! You could almost leave it on your bedside table, and children/visitors would be none the wiser! How dare you! That's my back massager... Feel: 10/10 I LOVE THEM

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