Covertly Kiss Pheromone Spray for Ladies

Covertly Kiss, Aromatic Fragrance, Attract men, 30ml

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These secret and ancient aromatic scents that contain synthesiesed pheromones may assist in attracting a male.  Mood enhancing fragrances may increase romance and the ability to find your perfect mate.   Discover the secrets of a time past using pheomones to get what you desire.


Liquid Covertly Kiss the aphrodisiac perfume contained the patented ingredient Ceromones (Mongolia), that will through the penetration of the nasal mucosa function of the female's VNO (pear nasal) and lead to female "sexual excitement for no apparent reason!"
U.S. Covertly Kiss spray aphrodisiac incense, perfume and the United States Donbill Sensation Company describe this formula that may lead to better gender relations with the attractant perfume but also fill your sex life full of romance, as amazing. Several related tests of, the use of Covertly Kiss aphrodisiac incense spray for men in the United States showed results that sexual attraction to women increased by nearly 20 times, active women use this product, also with its magical feeling that their own sex will be better. So when intercourse eventually occurs with men more they will be more confident, so that their sexuality may fully bloom!
U.S. Covertly Kiss with the patented ingredient aphrodisiac incense spray Ceromones (Buddha bare Mongolia) has now seen the successful development of Europe-wide sensations, replacing Foluo Meng after another type of smell that is a truly effective agent to help in attraction of the opposite and same sex. It is more convenient to use (not only a men’s spray but also women own), more low cost and sales continue to rise gradually replacing Foluo Meng!




Covertly Kiss Manufacturers recommend using the product by the following methods
1. Both Male and Female Products by Spraying it in the air before any sexual activity will enhance the mood and increase desires
2 Spraying the Female product on her person giving her confidence and also making her feel excited so when intercourse occurs with a man it will make her feel more confident and also assist her own sexuality in full bloom;
3. Using the Male spray for a women who indulges in female masturbation will turn her on and allow her to climax more quickly and fully.


4. Spray on a man’s person prior to going out will cause the aphrodisiac qualities to attract females by scent.


5. In public places, or in meetings to allow others to feel more relaxed and attracted to you.


Use about 15 minutes before you wish effects to take place so that the scent is not overpowering. Suggested places to spray are on your bed sheets, as a room odouriser, even on your palms, armpits, neck and chest.


There are no problems with over dosage and generally 2-3 sprays will have desired effect.

The main components of Covertly Kiss are


The patented ingredient Ceromones
Auxiliary Fragrance: Green incense, wood (black);
Auxiliary front taste: bergamot, black tea sugar cane sub, Georgia Peng;
Assisted in the flavor: mint leaves, cloves, cardamom;
Auxiliary After taste: cedar, rock orchid, sandalwood, tobacco.


You should always store at room temperature and shelf life is about 5 years. That is the information on Covertly Kiss The Aphrodisiac Perfume.


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Covertly Kiss Pheromone Spray for Ladies Date Added: Tuesday 13 September, 2011

by leonie, sydney

I love this product works well, Highly recommend this product.

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Covertly Kiss Pheromone Spray for Ladies Date Added: Saturday 25 June, 2011

by Anonymous

Just bought this, haven't tried it yet but heard about it. Will give it a whirl and let you know.

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