Connubial Pheromone Attractant

Pheromone Connubial Attractant


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Pheromones are used to attract the opposite sex, ignite the fire within and enhance sexual feelings. They may also help in your career and business activities creating a subconscious impression on others how they perceive you. Using them may help you gain confidence and make people around you desire and trust you. Use pheromones as a tool to help you have success in your personal life.

They have been patented in the United States, Europe and Japan and has been favorably received by more than 90% of purchasers surveyed. It contains no ingredients that should be harmful and should only be used externally in the manners recommended below. Should there be any reaction apart from the desired one please cease use immediately.

 Can be used to -

1. Spray on your clothing or as a room odouriser or on the bed sheets to attract and stimulate women.
2. Use as perfume on woman for intense stimulation and attraction creating a desire for intimacy and sex.
3. To increase intensity and desire during female masturbation as a room odouriser or perfume.
4. In meetings to have an added advantage when meeting with female colleagues or partners..



alcohol amide , ethoxyethyl laurate, fragrance, pheromone


Pheromones and delay sprays are an under rated part of intimacy. They can improve confidence, performance and sexual prowess. Here, you’ll find a collection of erection enhancers and sprays that will suit you and help you perform like the tiger you want to be in the bedroom. Affordable, and quality colognes and performance sprays now available


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Connubial Pheromone Attractant Date Added: Friday 14 August, 2015

by Anonymous

Smells very nice.

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We said:

Hopefully the product works for you as intended.

on 2015-08-15 19:20:32

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