Classic Dong 10"

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If you or your partners motto is that bigger is better then you need to wrap you hands around this one. Where your average dick size sits at 6" and this one being at 10", you're guaranteed a bigger size than your averag male. Whether you're a size queen, or into stretching, or just like big things a Classic Ten Inch dildo is big enough to satisfy, yet not so big to be incredibly intimidating. Almost the Goldilocks of dildos if you will. Built in America it is a firm, yet flexibile material which is non-phthalate and body safe.


Doc Johnson - an All American company dedicated to your satisfaction. Building and proving that bigger is better Doc Johnson has a wide variety of larger toys to satisfy anyone. What's better, is that if you're starting out, or not a fan of larger toys then they've got an extensive selection in the smaller sizes as well.

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