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Look at our featured sextoys product at adultsmart. Interesting adult toys, unique sensual gift ideas. Give your loved one the attention they deserve with an erotic toy that will create enjoyment for both of you. Here are gifts that not only keep giving, but keep giving to all. Spice up your love life with these top 10 ideas to increase you and your partners intimacy and romance

Remember the connection
Nothing is more appealing than know what it is your partner liked and likes. Go back memory lane and remember the fun and sensual things you did. Take a nice romantic spa with a glass of wine like you did when you were dating. Share in an indulgent sexy massage for two. Remember how you used to feel when sharing these intimate moments and relive them.

Do you remember the first time you slept together? The smell of him or her on your pillow. The heady and arousing effect just that had on you. Sit down and snuggle on the lounge with a romantic movie. Put your nose deep in the neck and take a big whiff - if this is not going make you aroused, what will?

Genie In A Bottle Back To Paradise Genie In A Bottle Back To Paradise
Manufacturer: Genie M-Cups
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