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The method for using the syringe should be followed with care.To use this - you will need to fill a container full of water. Before putting the syringe head in the water - squeeze the rubber bulb and then place the hard syringe head into container holding the fluid to be inserted. As the bulb refills it will be refilling with water instead of air. Keeping the syringe head under the fluid relax the pressure on the bulb and allow it to fill completely. Insert the syringe squeeze the bulb.


From there you insert the syringe into the orifice required, and gently squeeze. Contract your muscles, swish and hold and then release. You will need to be standing over a toilet, in the shower or a bath for this procedure. Rinse and repeat until the water that comes out is clear. For this you will need to ensure that you wait at least an hour before sexual activity to ensure that any residual water has been absorbed back into the system. We have a complete guide to using these products on the Adultsmart Blog. After use clean the syringe thoroughly with warm soapy water. Squeeze the bulb several times and repeat with clean water.


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