BS Atlier G Spot Sport Tokyo

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BS Atelier

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The G spot Sport Tokya large is a stunning hand crafted piece. The curve has a flat end designed to increase stimulation for the prostate, or g spot and to ensure a full coverage contact. Soft and flexible silicone design - this is one silicone dildo that is a crowd pleaser.


Large - Base Diameter - 80mm, Largest Insertable Diameter - 50mm, Tip Diameter - 35mm, Insertable Length - 180mm

Handmade 100% Silicone


BS Atelier is a company that creates handmade pleasure from their manufacturing plant in Madrid. Carefully designed all Bs Atelier products are handmade with a high level of attention to detail and are carefully researched to create an aesthetically appealing product with an ergonomic design. All BS atelier products are unique in this way. This female led company is renowned for their dedication, quality and strive to create sex positive and unique toys in an industry flooded with mass production

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