Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0
Brutus Rim Seat 2.0

Key Features:

  • Adjustable
  • Erotic Furniture
  • Rimming Play Toys
  • BDSM Play Toys
  • Fetish Play Sex Toys

Brutus Rim Seat 2.0

Manufacturers: Brutus

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Explore thrilling tushy triumphs with Brutus Rim Seat 2.0. Sturdy, adjustable, and equipped with handles for a grip-worthy adventure.

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Product Description

Brutus Rim Seat 2.0

The Comedy Throne: Brutus Rim Seat 2.0 Unveiled

Welcome to the realm of laughter, pleasure, and the most adventurous seating experience of your life—the Brutus Rim Seat 2.0. If you thought sitting couldn't be an exhilarating escapade, get ready to have your assumptions flipped, twirled, and spun around like a professional gymnast on this not-so-ordinary seat.

A Seat Fit for a Pro: Calling all professionals in the art of Rimming and X Play, your throne has arrived! The Brutus Rim Seat 2.0 is not for the faint of heart or the weak of desire. It's for those who dare to go DEEP without batting an eyelash—because who said seating arrangements had to be mundane?

The Steel Fortress of Fun: Crafted from scratch-resistant powder-coated steel, this seat is built tougher than your grandma's meatloaf. We're not just talking about sturdiness; we're talking about a fortress of fun that can withstand even the most ambitious endeavors. The steel structure not only ensures stability but also guarantees that your seating adventure is as solid as a rock.

Assembly: Easier than a Jigsaw Puzzle: Ever tried putting together a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded? Assembling the Brutus Rim Seat 2.0 is nothing like that. It's more like connecting Lego pieces—simple, straightforward, and surprisingly enjoyable. Adjust the height to your liking because, let's face it, customization is key when you're about to embark on an epic seating journey.

Handles for Handling the Heat: Intense play requires a reliable grip, and no, we're not talking about the handle of your morning coffee mug. The Rim Seat 2.0 comes equipped with handles that add a thrilling dimension to your play. Hold on tight as you navigate the seas of pleasure because, with these handles, your adventure is about to get wild.

The Comedy Throne: Imagine this: you, comfortably seated, ready to embrace the adventure, and the Brutus Rim Seat 2.0 beneath you, waiting to be the hero of your laughter-filled escapade. This isn't just a seat; it's the comedy throne, where every moment is a punchline, and the only thing getting knocked out is your expectation of boring seating.

Ride the Waves of Pleasure: This isn't your typical sit-and-chill situation. The Brutus Rim Seat 2.0 invites you to ride the waves of pleasure, to sway, to savor, and to enjoy every moment as if it were the grand finale of a comedy show. Seating has never been this entertaining, and you're the star of the comedy special.

A Symphony of Comfort and Kink: Comfort meets kink in a harmonious symphony on the Brutus Rim Seat 2.0. It's a place where laughter and pleasure dance hand in hand, proving that even the act of sitting can be a performance. Get ready to be the lead actor in your own comedy—cue the applause, the laughter, and, of course, the pleasure.


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