Bond Deluxe Cuff Kit

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The Deluxe Bond Cuff and Blindfold Kit by Liberator is about strengthening intimacy and binding couples together. Invigorate your sex life and introduce something wild and new with a seductively smooth blindfold. Crafted from a lush microfiber fabric, the Bond Blindfold makes sliding it on a passionate treat for heightening the senses. Made from the same fine material, the wrist and ankle cuffs make the art of letting go an exciting and fun adventure. Constructed to withstand playful restraint, these cuffs can be connected together using the handy clip connectors, or they can create a naughty hogtie by incorporating the O-ring. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, this kit is designed to create some fiery heat.


Liberator shapes and furniture transform ordinary beds and bedrooms into creative sex terrains by employing angles, elevations, curves, textures, environments to make sex better.  Incorporating in 2003 the bedroom adventure gear began production in Atlanta, USA.  The aim was to create couples intimacy with creativity and romantic imagination by making sex better with sexy furniture.  Now with lots of choices there is the classic Liberator collection and now the intense Liberator Black Label.  Liberator is a trusted brand for persons with mobility issues and is great for larger or older people as well to position themselves to have comfortable sex

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