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Sensuva ON, Bold Delay Gel, Last Longer, Sex Enhancement, Male Desensitiser

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Bold Delay Gel is a gel specially formulated to take away a little of the over sensitivity in men. This sweet, minty gel allows a man to feel all the pleasure he wants, while reducing any overstimulation that might cause him to ejaculate a little too early. A delay gel like this is great for men who want to last longer when they orgasm sooner than they would like to. Not only that, but even if they aren't over stimulated, the use of something like this (in a sparing manner) is great for building sexual confidence, increasing sexual pleasure and for ensuring satisfaction between couples. It is safe enough during penetration or oral play.


It's very simple to apply - all you need to do is to massage a small amount directly onto the tip of the penis 10 minutes prior to sexual activity. Allow ON BOLD Delay Gel to absorb into the skin to take full effect - this is why you need the ten minutes before hand so that it can be absorbed into the skin. Unlike other sprays, or delay creams this minty fresh taste won't deter your partner from oral stimulation, or cause any ill effects. Wipe away excess prior to penetration.


Sensuva ON is an American Based company who describes their mission as a dedication towards helping both men and women have more active, healthier and more passionate lives. They have created an extensive, and growing, collection of sexual health products using original formulas and made from body safe, healthy ingredients which include natural botanicals and essential oils and extracts.

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