Bodywand 360 Spinning Head Massager 3 Piece Set

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Bodywand, Massager, Vibrator, Mini Massager, Mini Vibrator, Rechargeable, Spinnind Head Massager


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With a unique spinning clockwise and counter clockwise head. Featuring 2 unique attachments, the Flicker Head Attachment, and the Multi tongue attachment. Simulating oral sex and targeting clitoral stimulation. Bodywand is renowned for their incredible power and pleasurable sensations.


Rechargeable design using a li-ion battery. Fully splash proof with a 1 year replacement warranty. Using a one touch speed control for easy control using body safe materials specifically for your pleasure and safety.

-Bodywand: ABS plastic
-Handle: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
-Two attachments: 100% Silicone


The entire collection of Bodywand Sex Toys are carefully crafted to give you the same great orgasmic results anytime, anywhere and any way you want them. That's the real beauty of the Bodywand. It puts you in complete control of your own sexual destiny. Easy to care for, simple to master and always ready for another go as soon as you reach for the only sex toy you'll ever want. The full Bodywand assortment of sex toys are exclusively available for you right here!!

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