You May BCurious About BSwish!

My BCurious came to me fully charged, which is an absolutely great feeling when you can take it out of the packaging and use it immediately. When you really need to use a vibrator, and having to wait for a sex toy to charge up can be very annoying. However if you do need to charge the toy, it is very easy to do and to make things even more clear it comes with an instruction manual.   Simply take the small cap off and push the plug in using the usb cord supplied.  When the cord is in and the toy is charging a flicking light will be seen on the controls and when it is fully charged the light will remain on.  The instructions say never leaving it charging for more than 24 hours at a time.

There is a warning on the box to not use the toy in temperatures over 140 degrees Fahrenheit so it will not be suitable for use in the sauna but as it is waterproof would still be great in the shower or bath – just not too hot okay!  Not that you ever would but I guess that also means you do not leave it in your car on a hot summers day.


BCurious Massager
BSwish Sex Toys

The controls have an oblong face and the controls are clearly defined and easy to use even amidst sexual play.  You can simply scroll up and down the many vibrating setting until you find the one that you want.  When in use I found my thumb to change settings and it is a perfect ergonomic shape when the curved tip is pointing towards your body.  The first control is to power on and off and the other takes you through the different settings and they are very comfortable to use.

When switched on the surround of the controls is illuminated in a blue light so if you drop it during your passion play it will be easy to find under the sheets.  It is a toy that can easily be used for solo play or with your partner.  There are 7 vibration settings which is more than ample for any sex toy user.  The vibrations are strong but not overly so and give a nice deep rumbly experience.

I believe this toy would be perfect for beginners or for those that like a nice sensual and romantic night in.  It is not for those that like powerful sex toys or those that will make them orgasm in a minute.  I like it just the way it is and give it a 7.5 out of 10.


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