13 Reasons To Masturbate at Work

A masturbation survey by Time Out New York found that 39% of male and female employees were masturbating in their company’s toilets. It has been admitted that no matter a person’s sexual orientation whether they are Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning or Intersex they have burped the banana or flicked the bean in their spare bathroom time in the office. A survey in 2012 by Glamour Magazine found that 31% of males had masturbated at work.

The humiliation linked to cranking the shank has been slowly becoming destigmatised and masturbation has been added to a healthy person’s lifestyle. Some people, have been noted to say “Masturbation makes me feel restored and makes me feel happier during the day. It fuels me with more incentive to work”. Another person said “Masturbation makes me feel relieved and is the climax of my day”. A woman stated “I’m just sexually frustrated with a higher sex drive than most people, I just need to release my built up tension.”. Masturbation means something different to everybody. Everyone feels a different benefit from masturbation.


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There are many reason why masturbating at work is beneficial. Masturbation benefits include:

  1. Boosts endorphins which allows the release of a stress hormone into the body activating the body’s reward circuits. In turn, people who masturbate tend to be happier with an improved personality disposition. People also experience higher levels of satisfaction.
  2. When people engage in self-pleasure they can learn to feel good about their body image, self-confidence and self-awareness.
  3. Masturbation also produces natural pain killer named “oxytocin” to relieve general pain like headaches, muscle pain or body pain.
  4. Masturbation relieves sexual tension making you feel more relaxed.
  5. People who are in a relationship or who are not can relieve their sexual tensions by themselves without the potential risk of sexual transmitted infections.
  6. Due to the type of exercise you partake in while you masturbate, it can help improve your muscular tone in your genitals and pelvic floor muscles. For men this can help them maintain an erection, and assist with erectile dysfunction or incontinence. Men will also be able to gain more control over their erect penis during intercourse.
  7. Mutual masturbation can improve relationships.
  8. Masturbation can help aid in sleeping problems.
  9. Masturbation is known to help your immune system due to the increased levels of cortisol production. Minor amounts of cortisol can regulate your immunity.
  10. Through daily masturbation, people can train their bodies into when they would like to orgasm.
  11. When men masturbate and then ejaculate, it releases built up toxins which lowers their risk of prostate cancer.
  12. Masturbation helps you figure out what you love in bed. Once you understand what pleasures you, you can let your sexual partner know the best methods on how to please you.
  13. Masturbation can get your blood moving throughout your body

Mark Sergeant a psychologist from Nottingham Trent University proposes the workforce employees can have a “Masturbation Break” as a workplace incentive for completing their daily tasks or job outcomes. Mark Sergeant said:

“It would be very effective at work and a great way to relieve tension and stress”

Dr Cliff Arnall a life coach stated:

“I would expect a masturbation policy to result in more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling. Certainly taking a masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase work focus.”

Dr Arnall said that if people were to take masturbation breaks, they should be motivated by desire and not to contemplate about the people they work with. Thinking about work colleagues could potentially make their brain function slow down when they are working. He suggested that the Masturbation breaks be inspired by releasing the day’s stresses. Mark Sergeant added:

“Introducing any form of sexual behaviour to a workplace could be seen as a slippery slope that makes people think that other forms of sexual behaviour, such as those linked to harassment, are more acceptable”.

In New York Hot Octopuss a sex toy company placed out some “Masturbation Booths” for the public to have unrestricted access to release their sexual frustrations to be more productive during the day. People reacted without stigma and questioned why the Masturbation Booths were there. The booths advertised Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo and Pulse II Duo a hands free male masturbators that are made with medical grade technology. Sex toy technology has made masturbation easier to accomplish.

Adult Smart recommends buying a smaller sized sex toy like a We-Vibe Tango or Nu Sensuelle Bullet for clitoral pinpoint stimulation. If the sex toy is smaller sized you can take it into the bathroom in your pocket or bag without anyone seeing.


About the Author: Article Idea from Belinda a manager of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




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  1. I masturbate at work when ever I have a chance 😀
    The opinions on this topic are divided and very different. I believe that people can consume masturbation but they should be moderate as in everything else in life simply do not overdo it. I have found interesting articles on this topic it’s kind of another point of view.

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