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The “Bullet” is the nickname that is given to small vibrators that are used to stimulate the clitoris. They are generally only a couple centimetres long and can be held in the palm of the hand. They are the same size as a lipstick, however, shapes do vary. The bullet is one of the best types of sex toys you can get when it comes to travelling or on the go sex, also they are amazing for sex in general. The greatest thing about the adult industry is that they have created the largest selection of bullets that cater to millions of different clitoris’s around the world. Now I have a few favourites that I have come to love to sell from battery operated bullets to the extremely powerful rechargeable bullets.

Why should you have a bullet in your bag at all times? Because the majority of women attain their orgasms through clitoral stimulation, this is science people not me just throwing facts out there. 85% of my customers that come in tell me that they reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Bullets can easily be used in so many different places that can really give you fantastic orgasms, for example;

  • In a toilet cubicle
  • In a parks
  • At the gym change rooms
  • In an aeroplane cubicle
  • In a car
  • During a hiking adventure
  • In a sauna
Novel Creations Rechargeable Bullet
Sex Toy: Best Bullets – Sensuelle Joie Rechargeable Bullet

There are so many different places that you can take a bullet due to its size, the versatility of bullets makes them the perfect companion for adventurous sex with infinite possibilities to get off at any place, at any time. They are easily concealable so if you do get caught you can quickly drop it in your bag or conceal it in the palm of your hand. Most bullets are smaller than a lipstick container so they can happily sit at the bottom of your bag. Some bullets that I would really suggest are these bellow, now there is both battery operated and rechargeable. Be aware that rechargeable are all USB recharged so you can easily conceal them in your bag.

Lelo Mia 2

The Mia 2 by Lelo is one of the best bullet’s on the market, not because of it’s vibrations but because of the way that it charges, and it’s ability to be easily concealed. The Mia 2 is charged by USB, however, it is the USB. You plug the Mia 2 into a computer or USB outlet and that is how it charges making it easily one of the most well-disguised vibrators on the market. Its vibrations are strong however not the strongest that you can get. The great thing about Lelo products is that they come with a 1 year warranty and a 10-year guarantee meaning that you can take it around the world with you and back without worrying that it will break.

NU Joie (Rechargeable)

The Joie by Nu has to be my favourite bullet on the market, it is an amazingly powerful, compact little bullet about the size of a double A battery, that has more power than a double A battery. It is completely rechargeable with a different sort of charging then the Mia 2, it comes with a USB cord that connects to 2 magnetic baby prongs at the bottom of the Joie. The Joie has over 15 functions and works wonders!

Maia Astral MB1 (Battery)

The Astral MB1 is one of my favourite small battery operated bullets that can be taken anywhere and everywhere with you. Although I feel very strongly about rechargeable toys, I believe that battery toys do have there benefit that of being ready without charging. You can just swap out the batteries with the Samsung TV Remotes, just don’t tell the husband or wife. It is covered by a plastic casing which does not hinder with its powerful vibrations.

These 3 are definitely the most important accessories to have in your handbag, wallets are so last year and who really uses keys these days. Be sure to update your bag by adding 1 of these 3 amazing bullets, or if you are cheeky just take all 3 of them, you will not be sorry! Some more honourable mentions include the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre most popular bought product and the strongest bullet is the We-Vibe Tango and the gentler Novel Creations NU Sensuelle Bunny Bullet Tickler.


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