This Womanizer Keeps You Cumming!

I don’t know why it took too much time for me to unpack this sex toy but it has been weeks since the first time that I saw its package and price tag on it. It was unbelievable, the Womanizer was the second or the third one in our shop in price scale and its performance was an enigma until I take it out of its package!!! Before starting off, I need to express my complaint about the name. The definition of a Womanizer is usually thought of as a playboy who has got a number of girls he is ‘playing’ at the same time. The guy that is really attractive and driving that really nice car but is as shallow as Hal on a bad night. Imagine my surprise when the Womanizer in question was not that guy that everyone regrets but has experience – no it was an innovative ladies sex toy designed by the Master producers, German designed and made. It won’t make you extremely upset or suck out your spirit. It will suck your clitoris, yet we’ll get to that later!

One of the first things you see on the Womanizer box is the announcement “100% Lust & Gutes Gefuhl” (generally deciphered: “100% desire & positive sentiments”). I had yet to see a vibrator with a 100% delight ensured, which made me suspicious if the statement could be delivered on. That is to say, if a manufacturer can promise climaxes, why wouldn’t each lady purchase this item? What’s more given that it truly works, would any lady go out and risk meeting some other type of womanizer anymore? Is this the end of ladies being taken advantage of by unsavory men but now being totally satisfied by their namesake?

After unpacking, you will see something like that in the photo above, a storage case which is really nice and durable, user manual both in English and German, USB charge cable and 1 spare cap. When it comes to toy itself, I totally agree with you on its shape being unusual for an adult toy, rather like an ear thermometer. While the shaft is made from plastic, its cap is made from body-safe silicone which are non–porous, latex free, phthalate free. Unfortunately, the toy is not waterproof, however, feel free to clean the plastic by wiping down with alcohol and it is easy to clean the removable silicone head by boiling or cleaning with a 10% bleach solution. The Womanizer is rechargeable, it takes 3 hours to be fully charged and this gives 5 hours of play thanks to its lithium-ion battery.

The toy is 6.5″ long and the handle is 5.5″ in circumference. There are 8 different models of the toy including unusual combination of colors. Therefore, the toy may not seem appealing at first glance. There is a jewellery on the middle of the shaft which enables you to adjust the intensity among 6 different levels. To turn the toy on, simply press the silver button on the shaft and you’ll see a red light glowing from the base of the suction cup, then hold down for 3 seconds to turn it off. You can only increase the level of intensity. You should start all over again at the first level by hitting the silver button if you want to decrease the intensity which is not that hard, therefore, I would prefer to take this as a reflection of progressive nature of Germans, instead of a downside to the sex toy.


The Womanizer Sex Toy Clitorla Sucker
Sex Toy: The Womanizer


First of all, this toy is completely different from anything else on the market so it is impossible to compare it to any other vibrator. Actually, it truly isn’t a vibrator by any means. This is completely a new and unique technology named “Pleasure air technology”.  The Womanizer is a one of a kind roundabout clitoral sucker that vibrates. What’s more, by one of a kind, I mean the accurate sort of clitoral incitement that ladies require (and crave) to accomplish climax, on the grounds that the Womanizer doesn’t really vibrate your clitoris but sucks around it. You will feel it blowing air when you hold it in the closest position to either your ear or your mouth. Therefore, I highly recommend this toy to women who like point sensations and suction during oral sex.

Huh? You’re considering that are you not. No contact? Give me a chance to clarify. Ladies are used to direct vibration or manipulation to the clitoris, particularly in those early phases of foreplay, which is the reason I encourage men to not go specifically for the clitoris until their lover has had sufficient time to warm up. Rather than giving direct incitement to the clitoris, as most vibrators tend to do, the Womanizer has a sucking tip that places as much or as meager pressure on your affection to your treasured clit as you desire. It has five distinctive power settings, giving you a chance to control the measure of suction for a superbly customized experience.

Not at all like other sex toys you may have experienced, the Womanizer is really easy to use and feels really good. You don’t need to push against it, mount it, or give yourself a dead arm attempting to get off with it. You just lie back with your legs open, adjust the oval opening of the silicone head with your clitoris, hit the force you want and sit tight for the enchantment that will entail. You may need to apply some light pressure at first to make sure that your clitoris is completely “assimilated” into the gadget, yet once you locate the ideal position for it, get prepared for firecrackers!

The Womanizer gives a totally new and distinctive sort of incitement, equivalent to accepting oral sex from a gifted lover. At a lower force, it feels like tender kisses against your clitoris; as you increase the force, it begins to feel more like a firm sucking. I generally like force and power when I get a sex toy, I wrench it up to greatest velocity to see what it’s capable of, however I just made it to level 2 (out of 5!) with the Womanizer before I was thumping out various O’s and yelling expletives in the nicest possible way. I was inspired with how rapidly and effortlessly this toy had the capacity to get me turned on, while being so tender and not meddlesome. From the moment I hit that power catch, I was IN. A number of climaxes later, I knew I was snared.

In case you’re searching for a delightful item that is compelling and effective, The Womanizer should be added to your sex toy goodie drawer. It has one objective and one objective specifically, to give you extraordinary and fast climaxes, which it does stunningly. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t climax the first occasion, you will even now appreciate the pleasurable sucking sensations! I would give this a thumbs up rating for this toy to any on-the-go, climax cherishing women, or truly anybody with a clitoris and 15 minutes to kill. 100% desire and nice sentiments, guaranteed!

I know that most people usually decide whether a toy works for them or not when they see it or they purchase a toy just to make sure that it works for them and then, they’ll throw it away after 1-2 uses if they don’t get the joy they expected. However, the case is not like this in the Womanizer. Since it is an exceptional toy, you should be patient during your trials. I can admit that it is not easy to have great orgasms at your first use. However, I promise that you’ll see fireworks in the end if you don’t give up. Simply lie back and open your legs, align the silicone head with your clitoris and push the power button. You don’t have to grind or thrust against your clitoris, just make sure that you apply little pressure so that your clitoris is perfectly absorbed into the oval opening. Once you find the best position for yourself, ready to be surprised because you are not going to spend much time to reach climax. Besides, you can have multiple orgasms one after the other if you like. You will be shocked when you see the change in you with this toy, just give it a go!



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