Winter Has A Remarkable Advantage To Sexual Attraction

Advantage To Sexual Attraction

On the off chance that you see your bedroom experiences warming up as the temperatures cool down, it appears you are not the only one. There is proof that winter has a remarkable advantage to sexual attraction. Researchers have found that men were more excited by sexy pictures of ladies amid colder months than they were in the hotter months. This means, men can become more sexually aroused during the winter!

Men Analysed Photos Of Women During The Different Seasons

In a study, 114 men were tested who were aged from 16 years old to 53 year olds. The men had to rate the level of attraction they had towards women. They submitted their results quarterly, organizing them by seasonal changes over the year. Tested male subjects were given two different photos of women to analyse. One displayed their faces whereas the other displayed their bodies wearing swimmers or zoomed in detailed photos of their cleavage.

The study showed that men’s sexual attraction to women’s faces in photos remained constant throughout the year. Surprisingly, men rated their attraction to women’s body photos higher during winter. Winter months in Europe (December, January, February) showed higher attraction levels compared to summer (June, July, August). The study also found that men with partners were more attracted to them during winter. The Psychology of Human Sexuality published this study .

What Are The Main Differences Between Winter And Summer?

Seasonal differences between winter and summer may explain the results gathered. During winter when it is cold, a lot of women wear clothing to keep themselves warm. This means that they can wear layers of clothing that covers the figure of their body. In summer’s heat, women typically wear less clothing.

So rather than wearing bulky jumper and jeans they may wear singlet tops with shorts. This type of clothing can show off their figure. During winter and summer, the face usually remains uncovered by clothing. They might wear hats or sunglasses for sun protection, and beanies for the cold, but their faces generally stay the same.

advantage to sexual attraction
Image: Sexy Victoria Secret Model

Winter’s Advantage To Sexual Attraction

Cold weather can surprisingly have several positive effects on sexual health. Here are five benefits:

  1. Increased Libido: Lower temperatures can boost testosterone levels in both men and women, potentially increasing libido.
  2. Improved Sleep: Cooler temperatures promote better sleep quality, which is crucial for a healthy sex drive and overall sexual function.
  3. Enhanced Mood: Cold weather often encourages physical closeness and intimacy as a way to stay warm, fostering emotional connections and enhancing sexual mood.
  4. Reduced Stress: Engaging in physical activities in the cold, like walking or playing in the snow, can reduce stress and anxiety levels, which are often inhibitors of sexual desire and performance.
  5. Boosted Immunity: Cold weather can help strengthen the immune system when properly managed, leading to overall better health and vitality, which is beneficial for sexual health.

Sex Toy Sales Increase In Winter – Advantage to Sexual Attraction

Stephen a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Center said “There is a spike in the offers of sex toy from winter going into Spring yet sales drop off amid the late spring months. Sales often decline in harsh climates, likely due to human responses to weather and limited outdoor activities”.

Sex toy sales typically increase during winter for several reasons:

Increased Indoor Time: Colder weather and shorter days mean people spend more time indoors, which can lead to exploring new ways to pass the time and enhance intimacy.

Holiday Season: Winter coincides with major holidays, during which people may buy gifts for partners or indulge themselves, driving up sales of luxury items like sex toys.

Privacy and Comfort: The cozy setting of being snuggled indoors can create a private, comfortable environment conducive to intimate experiences and trying out new sexual wellness products.

freezing cold

Hormone Changes And Seasonal Effective Disorder

Some people hypothesize that men’s hormone levels also change depending on the climate. If we were also take into consideration that Seasonal Effective Disorder is a diagnosed medical condition where people experience periods of depression during certain seasons. For people who experience Seasonal Effective Disorder the times that they experience depression tends to remain the same each New Year. Most people who experience this disorder have recorded that it occurs during the winter seasons. It is less likely caused during the sunnier seasons of spring and summer. This changes can also have a surprising impact on people’s sexual lifestyles due to the increased levels of tiredness and lethargy experienced.

Birthing Rates In The UK – Advantage to Sexual Attraction

A 2015 study reported by the Independent analyzed the United Kingdom’s birthing rates. The results had found that there were more babies born during September and October than any other months of the year. This means that the women would have conceived the child back in January of the same year or December of the previous year which are during winter. This clearly shows that winter brings an amazing advantage to sexual attraction.

During winter, couples are more likely to conceive due to increased physical intimacy from spending more time indoors together. The cooler weather also promotes better sleep and potentially higher libido, enhancing fertility.

You can masturbate to stay warm this winter like using a body wand through clothes, engaging in temperature play, using warming lubricants, use sex toys that you can wear, use sex toys that heat up or accessories that heat up your sex toy and use waterproof sex toys to use in a hot bath or showers.

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Wrapping Up

Winter presents a unique advantage to sexual attraction, revealing an unexpected spike in libido and intimacy. Studies indicate that cooler temperatures might boost testosterone levels, enhancing sexual desire. Additionally, couples tend to spend more time indoors during the cold months, fostering closeness and physical intimacy.

This increased togetherness can lead to higher conception rates as observed in birth trends. Furthermore, the coziness of winter encourages the use of sex toys, adding a playful dimension to relationships. Winter not only warms the body but also ignites passions, enhancing our sexual lives.




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