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Mood Mists

  • “Wildfire Mood Mists” are a beautiful combination of rich botanicals that create a fragrance that enlightens all of your senses. The mists come in 3 different styles of scents, each scent has been blended to match one of “Wildfires Essential Oils” and “All Over Pleasure Oils”.
  • “Bliss”:Combines Lavender & Sandalwood fora calm, relaxing environment, “Lust”:Mixes YlangYlang, Bergamot & Patchouli to create an enticing and decadent environment and “Love”:Blends Sandalwood & Rose Geranium to create a passionate and exotic environment.
  • Each spray bottle is 50ml and a little bit goes a long way, my personal favourite is “Love”as the smell is heavenly but don’t take my word for it, try them all!! If you’re struggling to make a decision between the 3 don’t fret!! Adult Lifestyle Centres have Mood Mist Gift Packs that contain all 3 bottles!!
  • Completely Vegan, use as an aromatherapy room fragrance, spray on linen to give sheets an incredibly inviting smell or even use as a fabric spray!!


Massage Oils

  • “Wildfire All in One Pleasure Oils”are as the name suggests, an all over oil that has many uses. Each oil has its own delectable blend of all natural ingredients that pair with the “Wildfire Mood Mists and Wildfire Essential Oils”, they come in 3 different scents: “Enhance Her”, “Black”and “Original” .The oils have many uses but there are 4 main uses that are suggested:
  • Sensual lubricant: Due to the ingredients, most of which are natural aphrodisiacs combined with different oils, the oils are supposed to assist with libido in both men and women as well as heighten arousal and sensation. Due to the olive oil base, the oils will assist in slowing the natural thinning process that occurs during menopause which makes it a fantastic lubricant for women of all ages.
  • Massage Oil: Perfect for use as a massage oil, a little goes a very long way. The natural scent of the oils will create a completely relaxing environment, combined with the consistency and feel of the oil itself will have your muscles quivering with pleasure as the massage begins.
  • Body Moisturiser: The natural ingredients in the oils provides the skin with nutrients and moisture to leave skin feeling smooth, soft and nourished. Having very dry skin I love using the oils all over my body as it feels fantastic.
  • Luxurious Bath Oil:Take a nice relaxing hot bath and invite “Wildfire” in with you, fill the air with the natural fragrance of the oils to relax and calm you and as you leave feel your skin. Trust me on this one. My favourite Oil is “Enhance Her”as it has a more feminine scent and I pair it with the complementing mood mist “Love”,“Black”is double strength so has a much stronger scent than the other two and “Original” is somewhat in the middle of these two.


  • All natural ingredients, paraben free, no preservatives and works with all toys but as it is an oil based product you should NOTuse with latex (condoms) as the oil will damage latex and may cause breakage.




Arousal Oils

  • I am a very large fan of arousal oils, they are the perfect product to add to one’s sex life due to the fact that you’re able to enhance pleasure for a long period of time, very quickly and very easily without using toys. “Wildfires Arousal Oils”use natural ingredients that help stimulate blood flow to the clitoris which in turn creates more sensationand therefore stronger orgasms and also helps to improve natural lubrication.
  • “Wildfire” has two different arousal oils: “Fire it up”&“Turn it on” one of which is cooling, with the other being warming.I had never previously used a warming product only ever cooling so I was very excited to be able to try a warming oil as well!
  • “Turn it on”: I’ve used quite a few cooling arousal oils in my time but none have ever smelt or felt as good as this one. 1 to 2 pumps is all you need and the effects can last up to an hour however you can add more if needed. It wasn’t the “coldest” arousal oil I’ve ever used but it was still very enjoyable, the cool buzzing effect lasted a long time but I found it was at its absolute strongest within the first 15 minutes.
  • “Fire it up”:My first warming oil!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one besides the obvious fact that it would have the same effects as the cooling oils just in a different way. Again the smell was incredible, the scent of cinnamon is hard to not love, I do have to say that I preferred the “Turn it on” oil as I’m a cool gal, not a warm one, however it was still extremely pleasurable. The oil performed to the exact same level as the cooling oil just in the opposite temperature, the warm buzzing sensation was very enjoyable so if you prefer warm to cooling oils, this one’s for you!!
  • The products did absolutely everything they are described to do, were very easy to apply and started working quickly but also lasted a long time. All natural products with no nasties are hard to come by but Wildfire has nailed it with all of their products in my opinion.


Essential Oils

  • Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants and have been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits on the mind, body and soul. All the scents from the oils are completely natural and will depend on the ingredients included in a particular oil. I love the fact that “Wildfires” products have the ability to match and complement each other. My favourite is Tantalize as it pairs with the two other products I love and has an amazing scent that instantly relaxes me.
  • Tempt:Combines bergamot, patchouli and rosewood to create an enticing scent. Pair with “Black” all in one oil and the “Lust” mood mist as the natural blend of ingredients were combined and created to complement each other.
  • Tantalize:Combines ylangylang and sandalwood to create a relaxing, soothing environment. Pair with “Enhance her” and the “Love” mood mists as the natural blend of ingredients were combined and created to complement eachother.
  • Tease:Combines pure lavender, ylangylang and sweet rose geranium to help create a calm environment with a romantic mood. Pair with “Original” all in one oil and the “Bliss”mood mist as the natural blend of ingredients were combined and created to complement each other.
  • Pop 5 to 10 drops into a tea light holder (with chalice/bowl on the top), combine with water and you’ll soon be surrounded with impeccable scent wafting through the air for a long period of time.

Find the entire range of wildfire oils at adult lifestyle centers in sydney.


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