What It’s Really Like to Be One of the Top Melbourne Escorts

“The finer things in life aren’t free, but if you really want them, they’re there for the taking.”– XOXO June

Melbourne is truly an incredible place. The capital city of Victoria, and the locally dubbed “cultural capital” of Australia, the city offers a number of exquisite and exclusive perks for those that come to play and those that come to pay. From festivals and galleries, to a thriving international business hub, the city has something for everyone, even if what you’re looking for is an escort.


Victoria has been known for a great many things, but being the first state to advocate the regulation and legalization of sex work, for many, is one of the most important contributions it has made. Melbourne escorts get to enjoy a number of perks that other sex workers throughout the world may never see, and likewise, these benefits also extend to their clients. Safer practices and less dragging stigma are just a few.


But for the gracious and mysterious woman who granted us an interview, being one of the Melbourne escorts has offered her so much more.

Meet *June

Well, first of all, June didn’t just land here, in her downtown high rise, with its modern, yet accessible, decor. Lounging in a very expensive looking sweatsuit, drinking juice she just pressed herself.


“I lucked out,” she starts. Not a whisper of apology or remorse in her posture, or her words. “I was raised in a good, middle-class home, got a great education. Had comfortable relationships with men and my parents. I wasn’t really saddled with all the baggage some of the other girls have. Escorting was truly a choice that I had, and one that I made. Without any outside pressure.”


Speaking of her parents, her mother is a professor at a local university, and her father was a stay-at-home Dad her entire childhood. So she was “given a feminist platform” before she could walk. While every finery she is currently indulging in is solely funded by her prowess as one of Melbourne’s top escorts, she had to get in at the ground floor and climb the ladder, just like everyone else. While her parents didn’t disown her when she finally came to telling them what it was she did for a living, “they were less than happy about it”. But June did what June does, and fought for her own desires. As both a woman and a professional sex worker.


How Good Do Melbourne Escorts Have It?

“I had to start out like most other Melbourne escorts,” she remembers, “I had to hustle, put my professional profile on a number of different advertising platforms, get my own vetting and security system, have a dedicated work phone, fake name, all of it. To be a good escort, and still be able to function normally in the world outside of your job, you have to, sort of, compartmentalism your personality.”


June said that she was always a “people person”, friendly, easy to talk to. Of which is obvious, as conversation flows as easily as her fresh-pressed green juice. She also said that she always enjoyed sex. “Casual sex for me was always much more gratifying than long term relationships. As I aged I realized that being an escort just better fit my own sexuality.” June self-identifies as a pansexual, cis-gendered woman, who has no desire to settle down anytime soon. “The idea of one relationship never fit my lifestyle. I never wanted affection from just one person, and I never wanted to give mine to only one.”


Being able to commodify both her background and her own brand of sexuality was “extremely gratifying” to June. “I remember reading a paper discussing the idea of ‘erotic capital’ and thinking to myself, I have that. I can use that.” June says that while she’s no stranger to traumatic and unfortunate experiences within the industry, that they “don’t happen often and are swiftly dealt with in a healthy way.” Which allows her something that few escorts worldwide get to enjoy; whether it’s due to trauma, depression, drug abuse, or the negative and often violent stigma that Melbourne escorts are subjected to, June gets to genuinely (and literally) enjoy the fruits of her labors. And while it’s something she refuses to apologize for, June is also aware of the privilege she holds as one of Melbourne’s most exclusive sex workers.

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