What is Sexual Wellness? A Guide to Health and Fulfillment

Sexual wellness is an essential factor that is required in human life to be able to fully experience happiness whether you are a man or a woman.  The way we as human beings now express or even define sex is totally different to yester-years.

With things being more accepted with same sex, cross-gender, transgender the boundaries have begun to disappear.  Things that were considered perhaps taboo decades ago are now accepted as not necessarily being the norm, but being a choice.

Sexual Wellness
man and woman embracing

Sexual Boundaries Have Begun To Disappear

Wellbeing and health needs are of concern to people of all ages, but particularly among those from young adults.

It’s important to check out and learn from the experiences of people who are sexually active with both genders, one gender, or none at all.  The goal of the health centre  is to offer top-notch medical services in a chill and private environment that respects everyone’s personal space.

Men’s Health Services, Women’s Health Services and Transgender Health Services are accessible.

Sexuality is Human

A vital part of being human.  Adoration, friendship and sexual closeness add to solid connections and self worth.  So when it comes to our sexuality, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

We’ve got diseases, messed up emotions, and oops moments that can mess with our sexual health.  That’s why it’s super important to talk about sex and stuff openly.

Sometimes you’ve got to hit up the experts for advice.  Chatting with your partner is also key to keeping things healthy.

Basically, sexual wellness is all about how our bodies and minds function when it comes to sex.

And let’s be real, anything that messes with that can have a big impact on our overall health and relationships.

These days there are numerous ways to get sexual satisfaction for all alone or with a special someone.

Sex toys play an important part.

There are so many types of sex toys  available that you can choose from according to your specific sexual needs and requirements.

Sex Toys & Sexual Wellness

These can include a female vibrator, male masturbator, chastity restraints, dildos, nipple ticklers, cock rings along with various other toys for men as well as women.

Every man or woman has their own specific needs and requirements to enjoy sex alone or with a partner.  It depends on which kinds of sex toy you’re after.

adultsmart online sex toys

By identifying your appropriate needs and requirements in terms of sex toys, you should choose them so you get all you want out of them.

I Have No Idea Where to Start with Sex Toys and Sexual Wellness

Don’t worry!! Online resources can be really helpful.  There are large numbers of websites especially sex toy review websites available over the Internet. They have detailed information and reviews about various sex toys for men and women.

Have a look and see what tickles your fancy!

After reading reviews on these sites, you will be in a position to choose right products for you.  These toys are very helpful when absent from your partner to stimulate yourself and achieve sexual satisfaction.

If you have to go away for a long-period of time, sex toys could be the perfect option for you. Using these you can get the ultimate sexual pleasure adding to your sexual wellness.

Sexual organs are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, which needs to be utmost care.  So, always use health-friendly sex products.  Then, you can maintain your sexual wellness without making any compromise.

Blue Road Sign - sexual wellness
old or new

Progress Is Impossible Without Change – That Includes Sexual Wellness!

A quote by George Bernard Shaw

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

We are approaching our stores with this goal in mind and we want to change the way people view sex and sex products.  Make sex toy products feel sexy or intimate rather than dirty and taboo.

Sex toys are used to enhance your sexual lifestyle and relieve sexual tension in a private manner.  They are not used to replace people or your lover during sexual intimacy.

To change the image that the adult stores have Adultsmart Lifestyle Centre needs to be in a constant state of change.

The way we approach our stores is exactly the same way many people should approach their relationships. Our next few weeks will be big weeks for Sexual Wellness

Not only are we dealing with the Christmas rush and those wickedly naughty Christmas presents and Kris Kringle gifts.  But we are in the process of changing up our stores.

We have a beautiful new staff member who brings with her fantastic ideas and brand new invigorating perspectives and with this, comes change.

Christmas Tree Decorated
sex toys as gifts

Change can be scary.

But it’s fantastic when you’re moving forward and for our regulars you know that that’s the direction we aim for. Our clients come in looking for products that are a change from the normal routine.  They want to spice things up with a new lover.  Reinvigorate the passion with an old lover.

Like all other technology, sex toys are also changing to adapt to what the customer’s need.  Whether that’s with pulsating technology rather than a vibrator.  Or sex toys which mimics oral sex.  Even a textured fleshlight that is made to mould and play with texture around your penis.

There is something for everybody we just have to help you find what you need.

Come in and ask for our advice

We provide solutions and ideas that help you change the way you and your partner interact and play with each other.  Why shouldn’t you expect the same from our stores? That would be a classic case of do what we say and not what we do.

It’s about growth and new perspectives.

Staring at the same things over and over again turns it into a task.  You just can’t always see what’s in front of you because it becomes a part of the wallpaper.

That also occurs within relationships.  Tasks become routine, and as you progress through life you can fall into bad habits.

There are couples sex toy products for double penetration vibrating dildos, penis sleeves which add more pleasure for the man or the women.  Vibrators that can inserted into the vagina that the man can feel whilst your both having sex.  Even a vibrator ring that your partner can send through vibrations through his finger.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up in the Aid of Sexual Wellness

You should, like us, not be afraid to mix it up.  At the end of the day pretty much everyone has sex and masturbates. Rather than always having a Sunday as Roast Night, or take away night, why not just spontaneously take your partner out for a romantic evening.

Sundays are generally pretty quiet and easy to get reservations.  What a great way to put a smile on your face for the start the week.

The truly adventurous you could try one of our remote control vibrators and be buzzing away through the evening.

For those with kids desperately seeking some time away

Grab a babysitter or call in a favor with the parents for fixing their computer and get out together.  It doesn’t have to be the fanciest of places.  If KFC is your thing then go for it.  It’s about mixing it up and changing the routine.

If you’re a regular to our stores or not, we ask that you come check us out.  Change is good, and we are proud to show off our new looks.  It’s currently a work in progress but it won’t take us long.

So next time you’re passing Adultsmart come check us out and say “Hi”. You may be pleasantly surprised at the changes.

lots of dildos and vibators on display
Sex Toy Shop Photo

Silicone and Sexual Wellness

There are so many materials that are used in sex toys.  Whether you’re purchasing for somebody or treating yourself, it’s difficult to know what type is best.

Sex is something that many people find mysterious and hard to figure out. Some folks believe it’s just about satisfying physical desires, while others think it’s all about making babies.  And then there are those who believe it’s just a fun activity to enjoy.

Sex is something that most people can’t live without.

It’s like a basic need that we all have, you know?  When you have a good time doing it, it’s not just fun it’s also good for your body, mind, and soul.  It’s like the cherry on top of the sundae of life.

And unlike animals who only do it to make babies, we humans get to enjoy it just for the sake of pleasure.

Safe Sex Toy Materials

An ultimate aim of the use of adult toys is to enjoy those intimate moment thoroughly in the best possible way.

 Sex toys have much importance for people to inspire them to perform better for their partners by practicing alone. The more practice the better you get at it.

They are also used in addition to regular sex so that couples can benefit from the added sensations they can deliver.  One of the safest material for sex toys is silicone!

Silicone (TPR and TPE)

The most well-known Sex Toy Material today that offers a realistic feeling.  Silicone is superior, hypo-allergenic and body safe item without phthalates. Just 10 years ago when you were looking  if they were made of silicone these words were emblazoned on the box.

Details as to how these were body safe, surgical grade and so on as this was a very big selling point.  Now a large percentage of toys are made of silicone and it is expected that all toys be safe to the body.

Highly adaptable and can be made to feel soft, hard, squishy, solid, shiny or matte.  It can be boiled, frozen, bleached and still remain good.  The only thing that worries silicone is silicone.

Do not use silicon based lubes on your silicone toys as often they will melt/perish the solid silicon.   If taken care of silicone will last for years.

Silicone is a sort of elastic which can be further separated into 3 types

Pure Silicone

Inorganic synthetic elastomers made from a 100% pure cross-linked silicone polymer.   Offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical resistance that other elastomers cannot match.

The cost is a general moderator as to they are costly materials to make.  But they are totally sterile, one of the main non permeable alternatives.  Glass is the other choice that is absolutely hypo allergenic, the least demanding to clean.

It’s to a great degree strong and essentially indestructible.  In the event that you have skin sensitivities pure silicone, glass or surgical steel ought to be your choice.

PR which is short for Thermoplastic Rubber

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).  Sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber).  They consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.

Still phthalates free but it’s not hypo allergenic and is permeable so it should be appropriately cleaned.


Short for Thermoplastic Elastomer.  Sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers.  They are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) which consist of materials with both thermoplastic andelastomeric properties.

It’s a superior hypo allergenic and strong silicone mix making it flawless for individuals with delicate skin but on a budget.  Without phthalates yet at the same time permeable it will require regular cleaning.

Futurotic, UR3 & Cyberskin

A type of elastomer with elastic and silicone mixes particularly mixed to have the look and feel of human skin.  It’s a wonder of innovation joining a body safe equation with the honest to goodness versatility and delicate quality of human tissue.  All made to look shockingly lifelike.

It’s body safe and free of phthalates.  But it requires some upkeep to keep it supple and delicate.  The material is extremely permeable and tends to dry out.  So sprinkle some bath powder over the surface before putting away after use.

It’s a higher end material but not exceptionally sturdy and may in the end tear or create holes. To clean these cyberskin sex toys I suggest either a Fleshlight Toy Cleaner.  You can also use soapy warm water and let it dry.

You should use renewing powder which will basically help the Cyberskin not break down and keep it’s original form.  This will help increase it’s lifespan.

Fun Factory Miss Bi GSpot Vibrator
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Miss Bi








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