What Are the Best Online Dating Platforms in Ukraine Today

What is a Dating Site

The Internet has long served people not only as a repository of information and entertainment, but also as a virtual “matchmaker”. Thanks to the network, men and women all over the world meet, fall in love and build strong and lasting relationships. We figured out which sites you can start dating online, how they work, as well as how to prepare for the first date in order to like it, have fun and maybe find your soulmate.

Online dating sites are internet sites where single men and women get the opportunity to communicate virtually for friendship and love relationships. They are distinguished from Facebook and other social networks by the more flexible functionality of searching for people by interests, age and other criteria. This is the reason for the stable popularity of online dating sites.

Most resources do not require money for registration. But they have paid subscriptions that allow you to get various member privileges:

  • Absence of intrusive advertising (but there are ads on some)
  • Ability to view profiles of other users without restrictions
  • Broader search criteria

There are also fully paid online dating sites. This is a kind of closed club, where the audience comes with a specific purpose – sex acquaintances, acquaintances for marriage, etc. They work according to clearly established rules, the violation of which is punished by limiting the access of members of different levels to the functionality of the site.

Single men are looking for future wives on such dating sites. Priority is always given to Ukrainian girls. There are dating sites where all the girls are Ukrainian. Why are they popular?

2 Pluses – When Meeting Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women are beautiful – an undeniable fact. Therefore, with a probability of 99%, the photo in the profile will be real. Open to dialogue and intelligent. When you meet on a dating site, you immediately feel the friendliness. Ukrainian girls will become good wives and mothers in the future. Friendly and attractive housewives will always be the center of attraction in the house.

Top-5 Best Dating Services:

In order to be as honest as possible about the pros and cons of online dating sites, you need to analyze user reviews, not just your own impressions. Therefore, we took into account the reviews of people who have used these online dating services for some time.


UkraineDate – Dating site with a huge user base.

Pros: a huge base of users of different ages, a convenient search interface.

Cons: many scammers and advertisements.

Jasmin-marriage agency

Jasmin-marriage agency – Dating site that positions itself as a platform for serious people who want to meet a worthy partner with the goal of starting a family. Most of the reviews state that the system really works.

Pros: a proprietary system for selecting compatible interlocutors. High level of user data protection. Simple and clear interface.

Cons: some options are paid


Tinder is one of the most popular mobile applications for virtual dating in the world with a base of about 450 million users. After registration, it determines your location and offers profiles of other users nearby.

Pros: simple registration, huge user base around the world.

Cons: many paid functions.


Badoo is a popular international dating site in Europe and beyond. It is notable for various interesting features, for which it is loved by the million-strong user base. The coolest of them is that after registration, the platform determines your location, and then offers to chat with guys or girls, or both, who are nearby.

Pros: a huge user base, the opportunity to meet foreigners, many interesting functions.

Cons: advertising and spam.

Olena Models

Olena Models is a popular online dating site. A convenient chat and video chat is offered on the site to communicate with a potential couple. Free registration will take a few minutes. But the site likes to throw in virtual interlocutors (bots) to retain users.

Pros: simple registration, a large database of Ukrainian users.

Cons: instead of real people, the service sometimes throws bots for communication.

Rules of conduct on dating sites

Clear timing

Spend no more than an hour a day viewing profiles and responding to the most interesting respondents. Take breaks in the search – allocate a month to choose several candidates.

Decide on a goal

You need to honestly decide what you want and what you are ready to accept in a partner. But you should not write about it in the profile, just remember it when starting a new correspondence. Because each goal has different selection criteria and a different search strategy.

Be open

Reply to all messages except those that are clearly offensive. Try writing to someone first. Feel free to give compliments. The more you show your individuality, the better the other person will understand what the relationship with you will be like.

Don’t take it to heart

Internet dating has become an experiment. You should not look at everyone with whom a dialogue began, as a person of your whole life. Don’t give up on a person right away.

Use your photos

When choosing a photo for your profile, look for a photo with a genuine smile, not a forced smile.

Listen to your intuition

After all, it is not for nothing that they say that the heart will tell. You can give a chance to someone from whom you expected absolutely nothing, and in the end you will be extremely surprised by the positive result.

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