Sexy Hosiery To Wear!

I have always been insecure about my body and the way I look and because of that I have made sure to exercise for an hour or two each day. I was really obese during my teenage years and it has prevented me from being able to wear what I wanted to wear and had never even thought of wearing hosiery.

I am not really one of those women who are confident of who they are, and over the years, despite being able to lose a lot of weight and attaining my goal weight I still had some issues with my body and the way I look. I don’t feel seductive or elegant and I believe this has affected me in so many ways after getting married.  Our sex life has been dull for the first few years, but I am thankful for my partner for understanding this. Eventually, I felt the need to honor the body I have and to appreciate the person that I am. If I am not the first person to notice my positive physical attributes no one will.

A friend of mine suggested that I try to be adventurous in order to discover myself and to help improve my love life. After several days of research on  different search engines I learned how to incorporate spice and adventure in my marriage,  I was able to encounter Hosiery products. While this is definitely just baby steps from what I really intend to achieve which is to love myself more in order to be able to gain confidence in the bedroom.

Women in Stockings Luxury Mansion


The Hosiery products are helping me find the courage to show what I have and be proud of all the work that I have done to achieve my goal body. I have noticed that after wearing my new stockings like the base black patterned stockings I suddenly felt seductive.  The art of seduction is something that I was able to find. In the past, I don’t really think I would have the courage to wear this piece and feel proud of my own bodily features. But the stockings are well made, they help accentuate my body and highlights the attractive parts. When I look at myself in the mirror while wearing the stockings I purchased I began to feel a surge of pride for how I look like. This is a much needed accessory that has enabled me to appreciate my body.

In the past, I would like to close the lights and not allow my partner to see me, sex is something that was not interesting to me because I could only concentrate on my bodily flaws. But after seeing myself wearing hosiery, I began to feel attractive and seductive and wanted my partner to get a hold of this change.   My female energy started to increase, and as I felt more attractive I began to appreciate myself and was able to share it with my partner. Because of a simple tool that enabled me to see my own physical beauty in the mirror, my sex life has improved and our relationship has been stronger than ever. I felt that my husband appreciated this change, not just because of the sexual activity that takes place but because I lost my insecurity when wearing hosiery. I began to see who I am, how I look like, my physical strengths and what I have learned from this I was able to apply in other life areas.

As the days went by I began to notice that I feel more confident about myself. There were less chances of feeling jealous about what other women have and I don’t even mind if my husband has to work with a lot of gorgeous women because of his being a photographer.  We had lesser fights, our love life improved because I was able to trust that we do have a bond together that other people simply don’t have. A simple clothing material was able to make me feel elegant, cool and wanted. It has enabled me to create a good impression to my partner, thus increasing our appreciation for each other.   It is amazing how a simple piece of clothing enabled me to find myself. It felt wonderful to see myself looking this great.

After that, I encouraged myself to discover more ways to appreciate myself and have pampered myself by purchasing 4 more items. To provide even more excitement in the bedroom I got a lace thigh high design, a flower lace Bodystocking, a diamond thigh including the mesa high Bodystocking. The designs of the Bodystockings helped me accentuate my positive areas and have also encouraged me to improve my knowledge on sexual positions and how to please my husband. I have not been able to do it for a very long time due to my fear. It has been a cause of separation from the both of us, and while sex is just one way to communicate for married couples, it is also one important factor that keeps them together. Most of the time women like me don’t feel confident enough, don’t feel encouraged enough and products like this helps us see ourselves in a new light.

We are able to see our feminine side that is waiting to shine. The outfits and hosiery point us towards self-appreciation and also encourages us to continue taking care of our physique. Products like the knee length and thigh length stockings allow a person to explore another side of them that they never thought existed. Simple ankle socks can elevate the excitement in the room. The pretty lace, the diamond designs and the bows add joy to the senses. It allows people to dress up and show the world what they feel like.

Wearing hosiery can do a lot to boost the confidence of a woman, the ability to hold this power in your hands and transform yourself has improved my marriage in so many ways. I feel so much in control right now and I do feel that I can be proud of myself for who I am with a little bit of help from Hosiery and we are now even delving into experimenting with sex toys.  Just recently I purchased the lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator however I used duckduckgo to do that as I don’t want anyone to know.  Who would have thought that I could become this adventurous.  Perhaps you may experience this too!


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