Why We Love Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos were once a scary sex toy for me. I thought Glass Dildos looked nice however my sex fantasies about having a glass dildo shatter inside of me, deterred me away from owning one. I’ve heard a couple of customers coming into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres with similar fears around using glass sex toys and I don’t know where these fears came from. There is nothing to fear, actually there is more to look forward to with these amazing sex toys! It wasn’t until a partner brought one out and I got to experience it that I had an instant appreciation and love of glass toys and now recommend them to anyone and everyone that will listen!! I’ve come up with a list of why every women should own a glass dildo masterpiece and hope it urges all of you reading this to get to buying one ASAP. You will not regret it!!

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Reasons Why We Love Glass Dildos:

  • Glass Dildos Can Easily Penetrate: Glass glides unbelievably well. This means easier penetration when moving in and out of the body. I have found some other materials can be a bit grabby and not as comfortable to move. Only a touch of lubricant, if any at all, is needed when playing with a glass dildo as glass is nonporous and will not absorb anything.
  • Glass Dildos are Easy to Clean: As mentioned above, glass is nonporous hence doesn’t pick up any nasty bacteria and only requires a good rinse with soap and water in between uses. I’d recommend glass as a safer option than other materials when it comes to using with multiple partners. They can even go in the dishwasher (I don’t think many people feel good about putting in a dildo with their dishers but the option is there).
  • Glass Dildos Adjusts to Temperature: I love how glass dildos warm up when used internally. You can also put into an icy bucket or under hot water prior to use for different sensations. As with any glass, it is not recommended to go from extreme hot too cold as this can cause breakage.
  • Glass Dildos Stimulates Sex Spots Easily: The density of glass means it can hit the right spots quite firmly which I love. For those who are looking for more intense G-Spot stimulation, I highly recommend glass dildos. It is much easier to achieve female ejaculation (or squirting as it’s commonly known) with these toys.
  • There are Various Types of Glass Dildos: They come in so many colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. I love the look of glass dildos, they are really elegant and classy, nice enough to put on display (if you don’t mind questions that is). There is definitely a glass dildo out there to appeal to every persons taste and everybody.
  • Glass Dildos Do Not Deteriorate: For something that has the potential to last forever, glass sex toys are a very affordable sexual investment in the long run!
  • Glass Dildos have Affordable Price Tags: Starting from $20, there are so many options to choose from in store and online.
  • Most People Are Not Allergic to Glass Dildos: Glass is not a porous substance so no harmful bacteria, germs or dirt can get trapped in it’s surface. This mean’s that Glass Dildos are hypoallergenic. If you have a tendency to become allergic to other materials it would be worth it giving a Glass Dildos a try.
  • You Can Add Penis Sleeves onto the Glass Dildo: Adding a Penis Sleeve means you can always change the texture and feeling of the Glass Dildo but it will hold onto your favourite shapes and curves of your sex toy.

What to Keep In Mind Whilst Using Glass Dildos:

  • Don’t drop glass sex toys onto hard surfaces as they may shatter
  • Don’t expose glass sex toys to extreme temperature changes. For example, don’t place a cold Glass Dildo directly under extremely hot water.
  • Keep your glass sex toy within your padded or satin bag. Keeping it separated from other sex toys will ensure that it won’t scratch against other product’s.

I also highly recommend ceramic and steel sex toys for many of the same reasons listed above. Check out adultsmart.com.au or the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and see which sex toy tickles you fancy. As with anything made of glass, it is important that particular attention is made when storing and caring for these dildos. They are more easily broken than other materials so if dropped or damaged, should not be used. Most glass dildos bought online at Adult Smart and in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres come with a soft velvet pouch which can offer some protection against damage. When treated with care, these toys can last forever which means there will be plenty of pleasure filled days ahead of you. We Love Glass Dildos!


Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing






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