The Beautiful Virgin at Tapei City, Taiwan

Missionary David struggle doing the lord’s work sometimes.  Even though he knew he was destined to help others, it seemed unfair that he was never truly happy.   Many answers were in the bible but he was still searching for the ones that would fulfil him. He felt a bit of a sham preaching to others about faith and belief when he himself was filled with doubt.

His work at the mission was complete but he could not go home till he had answers himself so he took up a job teaching English in a Taipei School.  He met Mai-We there and she seemed more than interested in him, in his stories and he felt uncontrollably attracted to him. He prayed each night for God to tell him what to do to make him happy.

Meeting her family he had his first taste of apple wine.  Even after the first sip he started to feel the difference with unknown confidence gained and freeing of constraints.  As the night continued May and David slipped away from the party and enjoyed the steamy night together.

Read the whole Virgin of Taipei erotic story…..


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