VIP Interview With Dr. Eduardo Gómez De Diego Founder And CEO Of Andromedical

Dr. Eduardo Gómez De Diego is the founder of Andromedical®. Andromedical® is a urology laboratory which researches issues with men’s sexual health. Andromedical® look for ways to manage and treat men who have erectile dysfunction, Peyronie´s disease, micropenis and prostatectomy.

Andromedical’s main focus is on finding different methods of penis enlargement to improve the sexual function of the penis. This was the main reason why they had designed and developed the penile extender known as the Andropenis® in 1996. The Andropenis® is famously known for its ability to increase the penis’s length and girth. It is made from high quality materials that are made to last. The Andropenis® now has well over 1,000,000 satisfied customers.

The Andropenis® follows the medical protocols of the American Urological Association, Sexual Medicine Society of North America and the British Association of Urological Surgeons. It has also been widely spoken about in popular media outlets like Men’s Health, Telegraph, Time and CBS News.

This is a VIP Interview with Dr. Eduardo Gómez De Diego founder and CEO of Andromedical. Within this interview you will be able to read about what inspired the creation of his company Andromedical® and all the information you need to know about how the penis extender works.

Tell me about yourself

Dr. Eduardo Gómez De Diego Founder and CEO of Andromedical® and Andropharma®. Medical Degree from University Complutense of Madrid, Spain-Europe, specialized in Andrology with over 20 years clinical experience in the field.

What inspired you to create Andromedical and the Andropenis Penis Extender?

I was inspired by my patients, as I was getting my specialization in Andrology, the number of patients with issues regarding anatomical variations and diseases such as Peyronie’s and the impact this causes emotionally, inspired me to create a device that would help correct these problems and after proving that the device worked with clinical studies, the company was founded.

Andropenis Penis Extender
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What inspires you?

At the risk of sounding cliché, my patients and people that have used Andropenis® are what drive me. To improve men’s health through penis health. It is such a fundamental issue and one that has been much ignored or forgotten within the medical community. My goal is to provide safe products that can be as widely available as possible. We hope to provide solutions to these “forgotten” issues, thus providing alternatives for patients to improve on and that can impact positively on their sex life and consequently in their overall wellbeing.

How does the Andropenis® work?

Andropenis® is an external medical device that attaches to the glans penis supported at the base and exerts a gradual mild traction force on the shaft. This principle of traction results in the expansion of tissue by gradual stretching and then allowing the body to remodel naturally. Continuous use of the device has been proven to increase size from de 1st month of use onward. It is recommended for medical, post-surgical and aesthetic reasons.

What is the Andropenis® made out of?

Andropenis® is composed of a high quality plastic base ring, two metal shafts with internal springs, and an upper plastic support with a silicone band, with the option of adding a soft sponge around the silicone band for extra comfort.

How much can the Andropenis® increase the size of a flaccid and erect penis?

Studies conducted unveil the efficacy of penis-stretching physiotherapy using Andropenis® showing a stretched flaccid penis augmentation of +1.8 cm (range +0.5 to +3.1 cm) after 4 months of use for at least 6 h/day, and +2.3 cm up to 4cm after 6 months of continuous use. We also have reports of +1.5cm gain in girth.

Are the results long lasting?

In follow-ups with patients included in the clinical trials, results were the same and still present 6 months after treatment had ended and not having used any treatment methods during this period of time.

How long is it recommended that people use the Andropenis® for?

It really depends on what kind of result he patient is expecting and the result that he wants. We recommend the continuous use of Andropenis® for 6 months for optimal results. We have had patients that decide to pursue the use after this time and results have been the same, with a mean gain of 0.5cm in length per month.

Do people need maintenance sessions?

The way Andropenis® is designed; it can be used without supervision with patients pursuing length gain for aesthetic reasons. There should be no reason for follow-up sessions with your doctor during the time of use of Andropenis®, unless it is for reasons regarding post-surgery applications or any other situation where medical supervision is required.

Andropenis® is made to help people who have Peyronie’s Disease which is a curvature of the penis caused by the hardening of tissue. What are the impacts of Peyronie’s Disease when it is left untreated?

Peyronie’s disease is problem caused by scar tissue, called plaque, which forms inside the penis at any age during adulthood. It can result in a bent, rather than straight, erect penis. In some cases, the curvature is so extreme that erections can be painful resulting in erectile dysfunction and all its connotations, as well as impacting negatively on the patient’s wellbeing and sex life

How does Andropenis® help Peyronie’s Disease?

Andromedical® has developed a special device for penile traction therapy called Andropeyronie® that helps with this issue. Studies have found that it can correct up to 50% of curvature depending on the severity of the case and the time of use of the medical device. This treatment can be used in combination with other treatments (depending on the treating urologist) to get more effective and optimal results.

Androextender Penis Extender
Image: Androextender Penis Extender

How can a lover support someone who is using the Andropenis®?

If your significant other chooses to enhance themselves or improve on a negative issue, an understanding and supportive partner makes all the difference. We assure that the device can be used without having to intrude or impede a healthy, active sex life. We only recommend that the device be removed for 1 hour prior any sexual activity and be used 1 hour after sexual activity has ceased, to give the tissue adequate rest and time to return to resting state.

What are your favourite stories or quotes of hearing how the Andropenis® has helped improve people’s sexual lifestyles?

We have over 20 years of experience in the field, so stories are plentiful. Although since it regards sometimes an issue regarded as shameful and taboo most of our customers guard their stories and only a few contact us directly. I have to say that probably my favorite stories are regarding post-surgical rehab, patients having gone through prostrate surgery for a number of reasons can experience either erectile dysfunction or penile retraction due to scar tissue. Andromedical® has helped these patients regain their confidence and sexual function thanks to its products, and the gratitude shown is so great that it inspires me to continue and strive to reach as many people as possible.

Is there any questions or information you would like to add?

Patients should not feel ashamed for wanting to improve themselves. Striving to be a better version of you is not only a healthy pursuit but also a right that everyone should have. I hope that one day all prejudice regarding penis health can be brushed aside and patient that wish to correct Peyronie’s disease can do so without the need to feel ashamed, erectile dysfunction is no longer a death sentence to your sex life or simply to pursue a gain in length can be regarded the same as dyeing ones hair.

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