Vampire Bites: Love At First Sight

It was a love at first sight sort of thing. Years ago. In the back corner of an adult store in Newtown amongst the leather and the fetish gear there were these leather gloves that called me. My heart leapt into my throat when I touched them, and realised the little barbs that dotted the surface of the palm and fingers. My hair stood on the back of my neck and momentarily I forgot to breathe.


Back then, impact play was not an intentional bloodletting sport but rather a happy happenstance when a well timed strike with a dragons tail cut flesh or a cane ran a little deep. But somehow These gloves called to me. Vampire gloves they were called.


I was so afraid though, so I left them. But that was then. This is now.


Fast forward to when I was staring with anticipation at the newly arrived Vampire Mittens by Pain, the serrated teeth puckering amidst the leather as I ran my hands over them. The only problem was –

I didn’t want mittens.


It was a coincidence, fate even that I stumbled upon the matching Paddle in our other store. Slick and glorious leather, stiff and reinforced measuring a total of 43cm in length and 14cm across, I held my breath and inspected the barbs.


Tiny rings of metal teeth lined one side of the elegant leather. 48 rings in total. I could practically hear my heart beating in my ears as I swooped in to purchase it. Home time could not come fast enough.


I gleefully gave it to my Sir, presenting it like a regal sword. He studied it, tested the little flex the large surface area had, as well as the heft of the handle before running his hand across the teeth. He looked at me. “This is going to destroy you.”


I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement, a warning or what but I could only smile.


“A test then” he declared.


The first strike came with such restraint I barely felt the teeth at all. Though the contact of the size of the paddle itself was incredible. Utilising numbers out of 10, we tested the paddle, increasing each impact from what started as a 2 up to a 6.


The 6 bit into skin, tiny pinpricks whisking into tender flesh as gleefully anticipated. I checked the marks, tiny little circles already dotting my skin where the blood flow had been stimulated. Nothing had broken the skin still smooth but the distribution of the teeth and the placement of the blows and steady impact had vitalized the flow of blood beneath the skin, raising it to the surface where the teeth had, at these gentle thwacks, pressed into flesh.


Turning the paddle over, We navigated the feel of the wide surface unencumbered by teeth. Not holding back anywhere near as much. Sometimes larger surfaces have a tendency of distributing too much of the impact and therefore shirking most of the painful pleasure sensation that is craved.


Not the Vampire Paddle.


Air whooshed out of me almost immediately. The first hit a solid 7 the second a teetering 8 out of 10.


The tiny spheres of pin pricks, my very own vampire bites continued to develop over the next thirty minutes. Deeping in colour and tenderness. As did my smile. Worry not dear reader, a paddle such as this is not anywhere near as scary as you might think. The teeth of the Vampire caress the skin like little love bites, and if you so choose it, is a delicate scratch and kiss whispered up and down the skin. Though this would be better suited to the mittens or the crop. The teeth tease sounds and elicits reactions like none other. The increase in blood flow to precise focal points stimulates and releases endorphins and adrenaline which build on top of arousal. Then if you choose it, the intricate mixture of pain and pleasure with each bite of the Vampire is enough for you to wear the marks with pride for a time afterwards.



With impact toys such as these, with teeth and use of bloodletting it is important that they are bonded to that person and that person alone. Blood play is more sacred than fluid bonding. Toys that are blood bound can only belong to that person for safety and hygiene. A good hygiene practice with blood toys is to also sterilise the equipment using alcohol spray or medical grade sanitiser such as Viraclean.



Because Leather is a porous substance, it is important not to saturate the leather with disinfectant chemicals or you risk damaging the leather goods. Instead, if there has been bloodletting, using a clean microfibre cloth soaked in the medical grade cleaner and tweezers, dab the spikes and air dry. Alternatively use a soft toothbrush dipped in the cleaner to gently wash the teeth.


The leather may need conditioning over time. Simply use a leather conditioner on the reverse side as per normal. On the teeth side, proceed with caution, using a non toxic leather conditioner either as a spray or with a soft toothbrush.



Vampire accessories do not really need any special storage with the exception of placing them independently so that they don’t rub, nick, scratch or degrade other toys. It may also serve you to store them in a space that is well labelled or seen so that no one accidentally puts their hand in a box, or bag, or drawer (whichever means you are storing your implements) and get an unsuspecting bite from a Vampire. Mine will be hung with pride in my wardrobe.



As we are potentially playing with blood and may be breaking skin, a different level of aftercare must be observed. Simple first aid must be strictly adhered to. Never push a bottom/submissive past a point that they or their body cannot handle. Reassure the bottom that they have done well and reward them with care, whether it is cuddles, pats, blankets or affection. Treat the wounds. Clean up any exposed cuts and disinfect. Most of the time the wounds will be surface level and will not continue to bleed or require further pressure or bandaging. In this instance as long as the skin is clean it is safe to leave uncovered to heal, especially if in privacy. If at a party it is advised that wounds should be covered to protect the bottom as well as others at the party from cross bodily contact. Carrying ElastoPlast Spray Plaster (better known as a bandage in a can) is a good tool to have on hand for covering large areas of numerous tiny wounds on parts of the body such as bottoms after using Vampire implements.


Now all that’s left is to try out the Crop! 😈


At your Service,


OhZone Sales Assistant, Educator and Vampire Bitten.

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