Using A Yoku Penis Plug!

Made out of high quality stainless steel, The Yoku Penis Plug is a 75mm long jeweled plug with triple undulating hump riders each measuring approximately 9mm in diameter.  On the base of the plug is an embedded jewel. Upon insertion, it measures 65mm in length. At the moment, this beautifully designed penis plug is available in five different colors which include emerald, ruby, diamond, sapphire and amethyst. It has been manufactured under the Hell’s Couture brand. Its unique design makes it easier for the wearer to insert it with ease and preventing it from ever coming out. It can therefore be worn all day and all night long. This makes it possible for one to cum, or pee, while having it on. By it being smooth and solid, the Yoku penis plug is ideal for all, beginners included. This is because it’s exceedingly comfortable and makes one get used to its feeling rather fast. In addition to this, it can never hurt the urethral walls.

To insert it, one needs to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. To start with; the plug, the hands and the penis should be clean and, surgical gloves should be used. One may also be required to use some lube so as to make insertion easier. Usually, the best time to insert the plug is when the penis isn’t erect. To get started, one needs to vertically hold the penis with one hand and use the other to gently insert the plug. Although inserting one is quite easy, it’s important that when sliding it in, they let it go slowly so as to ensure that the urethra stretches naturally.  This is why being relaxed is highly demanded for if one inserts it while being tense, they are more likely to trigger the muscles into pushing and blocking the penis plug from entry.  Then, after it has been successfully inserted, one should wait for a few minutes to ascertain it feels comfortable.


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The Yoku penis plug can play a wide range of functions. Ideally, they are used to enrich one’s sexual arousal and pleasure. The wearer can hence use them for sexual experimentation; whether on their own or with a partner. By wearing it, the penis becomes more responsive and sensitive hence intensifying the levels of satisfaction while at the same time making one have stronger erections.

Wearing a Yoku penis plug has a whole load of benefits some of which include:

  • When having sex with a woman, it’s not just the man that tends to have better and longer orgasms. The woman is as well bound to experience multiple climaxes.


  • Whether being used among young or old couples, the whole sexual experience becomes more exciting.


  • Wear a penis plug amid oral sex or masturbation and experience satisfying sensations from the back to front. A penis plug tempts the nerve endings that sit simply behind the leader of the penis, prompting exceptional incitement and elevated affect-ability. Consolidated with an incomparable extending sensation, this outcomes in an unbelievably capable climax. Expelling the fitting pretty much as you peak makes for a significantly more dangerous experience. You’ll positively blow it, however positively!


  • Penis plugs are also called penis jewelry, it will give your penis a punctured look and feel without the requirement for all time ruining your masculinity. Penis plugs look nearly as amazing as they feel and they’re ensured to add a little shimmer to your sex play. If you buy them with gem’s on them, they will impress your partner with that much added effort into your sexual appearance.


  • The penis has a lot of satisfying nerve endings that you can play with. By essentially wearing an attachment you will encounter staggeringly orgasmic vibes that will have you in a split second hard. At the point when worn underneath apparel (through opening penis plugs no one but) you can appreciate day long incitement. It is also capable of prolonging erections. Among people who may be experimenting potency problems it helps build and improve one’s sexual endurance.

At the end of the day, the Yoku penis plug is bound to increase one’s sexual confidence. Most importantly is that, it’s affordable, durable, beautiful and result driven.


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