Want to have better sex? Start using sex toys

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s normal to notice a sexual plateau after a while so using sex toys may help. The intensity that existed at the beginning of the relationship can sometimes find itself replaced by the mundanity of everyday life: jobs, bills and responsibilities are not exactly the most potent aphrodisiacs. If you’re looking to have better sex, you might want to try sex toys to reinvigorate both the relationship and your sex life.

How sex toys can lead to better sex

One thing that many couples struggle with is maintaining a sense of spontaneity and creativity when it comes to their intimacy. You swap the bed for the living room sofa, you swap Saturday night for Wednesday morning, you try it in every possible position imaginable until you’ve both got cramps – but after a while, the list of possibilities shrink, and the thrill of changing things up becomes a chore. The great thing about bringing sex toys into the bedroom is that the possibilites for variety are endless, and sex toys do more than simply “change things up.” When used correctly, sex toys can enhance the positions that you already love, deliver intense, powerful orgasms for both partners, deepen your emotional connection and relieve any pressure around your intimate life. You don’t need to radically change your sex life and try a new position every day for your sex life to be satisfying or interesting – just buy a sex toy!

How to use sex toys for better sex

In order to use sex toys optimally in your relationship, you first need to diagnose if there are any problems getting in the way of a satisfying sex life. Does one partner struggle to orgasm? Does one partner feel insecure in certain positions? Is there a lack of intensity, leading to mechanical, boring intimacy? Whatever the problem is, there are thousands of sex toys to help you fix it. If there are no problems and you just want to add a bit of spice to your relationship and have better sex, sex toys are still a great addition to the bedroom!

If one partner struggles to orgasm

There are many external factors which can lead to a decreased libido, or a difficulty to orgasm. Even the simple female anatomy can prevent orgasm: the vagina is not filled with pleasure nerves in the same way a penis, or the clitoris is. If one partner struggles to orgasm, sex toys can be introduced into the bedroom to let the partner take control of their own pleasure, take the pressure off during intimacy and enjoy more fulfilling, better sex.

If one partner has issues with body confidence

Feeling insecure about your body can often be a one-way ticket to bad sex. If that’s the case for either you or your partner, some sex toys and accessories can help with building confidence. Whilst things such as lingerie can help you or your partner feel more body-confident, items such as blindfolds can allow the insecure partner to take control and feel less self-conscious in the bedroom. Realising that touch and sensation are just as important as the visual will hopefully decrease any body complexes, leading to better sex for both of you.


Up the intensity

Why do sex toys lead to better sex? Put simply, they can add a dimension that wouldn’t exist otherwise: toys such as BDSM accessories can add the thrill of power play, whilst toys designed for G-spot or P-spot stimulation can enhance sensations for both partners and lead to more satisfying, fulfilling intimacy, both on a physical and emotional level.


Best sex toys for couples


So, what are the best sex toys for couples? Whilst there are many couple-specific toys such as sex slings and strap-ons, you can incorporate most types of sex toys into the bedroom to enhance the sexual experience according to your particular needs and desires:

BDSM kits

If you’re new to sex toys and BDSM, you can use a beginner-friendly BDSM kit with your partner to spice up your relationship and introduce a bit of power play in the bedroom. Items such as blindfolds, ball gags and restraints are great for intensifying a sex life which has become too routine or predictable.


Hands-free clitoral vibrators

Ideal for use during penetrative sex, hands-free clitoral vibrators are great for upping the intensity and delivering intense, blended orgasms during sex. If one partner has a clitoris, simply attach the hands free vibrator before penetration and watch your partner (or yourself) go wild!


Sex slings and swings

If you really want to take your sex life to the next level, a sex sling or sex swing can help you and your partner get freaky in all kinds of creative positions! If a sex sling is too advanced for you, you can always go for a position-enhancing sex wedge or sex chair.

Prostate massagers and male sex toys

If you have a penis and you want to up the intensity of your sensations during intimacy, prostate massagers can be used to give oral sex an upgrade! Insert the prostate massager whilst your partner stimulates your penis at the same time and you’ll enjoy some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had!

Butt plugs and anal play

If you’re into a bit of backdoor fun, why not enhance the experience with some sex toys? The great thing about anal sex toys is that they’re open to everyone no matter your gender or sexulaity: if you have a butt, you can enjoy some fun butt play! Anal sex toys such as butt plugs can be inserted before or during sex, or even on their own for some fun foreplay! If you want to take your anal play to the next level, you can also try out pegging: pegging is super intimate and great for power-play in romantic relationships.


If you want to have better sex, it takes more than simply changing positions or increasing your intimate time together. Great sex is born from variety, and sex toys can provide that variety without forcing you to constantly change up the positions you love or switch up the type of intimate play that you enjoy. You don’t have to change your entire sex life to have better sex: just upgrade it with the help of some sex toys!

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