Beginner’s Guide To The Urethral Wand

Being a beginner using a Urethral Wand can be a rewarding experience if you practice it properly. Imagine how you would feel if you would stimulate both the outside and the inside of your penis at the same time. Hundreds of men are enjoying this unique stimulation each day. This guide will introduce you to the use of Urethral wands and when you finish reading you would be in place to go out there and get your own.

Uretheral Wand
Have fun with Urethera Wands

Urethral play is the use of a sex toy inserted into the urethra that will in turn widen the urethra. The penis is super-delicate to touch, the urethra is additionally pressed with exceedingly responsive nerve endings which feel stunning when fortified.  Some urethral toys are outlined particularly for extended sensations, while others are sufficiently long to achieve something else untouchable erogenous zones, for example, the prostate. Urethral wands come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some are additional long for inside prostate and bladder incitement, while others strengthen excitement with vibrations or even electrical incitement. Heaps of men report they’ve possessed the capacity to experience without hands, direct-contact prostate climaxes through urethral infiltration.  It’s imperative to do your exploration and pick the right size test for your experience level. Utilizing a toy which is excessively thin or unbending could pierce the urethral divider, while a toy which is too thick could over-stretch your urethra and cause tearing. Perused more about picking the ideal test underneath.

There are many different options of urethral wands in the adult market today. Each one of them is unique because of their material, size and shape. Choose a urethral wand with a rounded, tapered tip. Do not use any old homemade object or one that is an extreme size with a complicated style. A basic urethral wand would be small with a rounded and tapered tip. This type of urethral wands helps you prepare your urethra for that kind stretch while you slide it through your meatus and into your urethra.It is a good idea to start off with a urethral wand with a ring or a tapered end so it doesn’t slip in you. As far as material goes, choose stainless steel as it is the safest material.  There are also other urethral wands that are more advanced and complicated but leave them for the more experienced users.

When you buy your urethral wand, first off, sterilize it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wipe it down with some alcohol. Ensure your penis is clean, and wash your hands with warm water and anti bacterial soap.

Always use a sterile lubricant because it will let you slide the urethral sound easily and comfortably into place, while it keeps you sterilized. When using the urethral wand it is very important that you always insert it very slowly. Do not use saliva or force your urethral wand down your penis. By following the above tips and being careful and slow at the beginning, your first experience with a urethral wand should pass smoothly. I advise you to use plenty of lubricant and be relaxed at all times. If you find yourself uncomfortable, take a breather and relax.

Apply some lubricant at the tip of your penis when it is soft and some lubricant on the wand. While your penis is soft, hold the wand at the entrance and slowly slip the wand in. Don’t push it and let gravity suck the urethral wand into your urethra. Once the urethral wand is inserted, it will usually rotate slightly. Don’t be afraid, the sensation should be comfortable. Relax and experiment with light gentle strokes on your penis. Many men also enjoy slowly sliding the urethral wand in and out of their penis. They find the sensation unique as it enhances their sexual experience.

When your about to orgasm or ejaculate remove your urethral wand slowly. To maintain a sterile urethral wand make sure you clean the wand with soapy water before storing it away for future use. Sometime’s you might feel that it is okay to go faster or you may find yourself wanting to do thing’s in a rush, but it is important to take care of your body admist the whole masturbation experience as the penis has many nerve endings that can be injured very easily.


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