Unleash This Beast For Bigger Erections!

If you think that all penis pumps are created equally, you have not yet experienced the power of Bathmate Unleash the Beast. Billed as one of the premiere hydro pumps for men, countless users will attest to its efficiency, comfort and handling. If you have been searching far and wide for a pump which delivers on all of its promises and more, look no further than the HydroMax X40. Still, you are likely wondering what features separate this model apart from its competitors. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes this penis pump very popular for men who are looking for a tangible edge.

Comfort is King and It is no secret that this pump is dealing with a rather delicate area and the last thing that you wish to experience is discomfort during the application and the pumping process. This has been done away with thanks to a new bellows system which has been employed. So, you can expect the HydroMax X40 to fit snugly around the base of the penis and the testicles. A uniform vacuum within the pumping mechanism allows for even greater levels of comfort; ideal for the man who expects nothing less than perfection with such a device.

Unleash the Beast has better control. One of the issues with many penis pumps on the market today is that they do not offer superior levels of support and control. Not only can this affect your comfort, but you may very well not be getting the most out of the device in question. This variable has been done away with thanks to a new design. You can expect to enjoy such features as a swiveling bellows which allows for 360-degree rotation while in use and an option to change the angles of the pump. This will enable you to get a better view and in turn, overall efficiency is vastly improved. In many ways, achieving that extra girth that you have been looking for has never been easier!

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It is Water Friendly. Some other pumps can be rather shoddy in design. This can lead to annoying squeaks, incomplete vacuum pressure and water leaks. The engineers of the HydroMax X40 put a great deal of thought into these concerns when designing this model. So, expect to enjoy a completely airtight experience when in use. This will also allow you to achieve the results that you desire in much less time than would have been previously expected from competitive models.

More Convenience for the Modern Male. When referring to the


concept, the HydroMax X40 does not disappoint. Of course, the pump itself comes as the main accessory. However, you will also be given other handy items such as a carrying case, a cleaning sponge, a comfort insert pad, a “handball” pump and a shower strap for easy handling. With so many additional features, it is no wonder why this model is preferred by a growing number (no pun intended) of men.

Forget About Waiting Weeks with the Bathmate. One of the frustrating features of many similar pumps is that you may have to wait for two weeks or longer before seeing noticeable results. Thanks to all of the previously mentioned features, most men will enjoy benefits after only a few uses. When we combine this with a uniform vacuum and easy-pump mechanism, maintaining girth from one session to another has now become a reality. So,

you are truly getting “more”

for your money when using the HydroPump X40!

The Visual Appeal is hot and manly. Let’s face it any pump should also be visually stunning in design as well as functional. Users are now able to enjoy three different finishes on the HydroPump. You can choose blue, red or clear. Each hue will just as clearly display measurements in both metric and standard while a wide viewing port allows for excellent control. This streamlined design has never been easier to use and you should expect nothing less than an incredibly pleasant experience.

If you are searching for quick, comfortable and reliable results from your penis pump, Bathmate Unleash the Beast should be your one and only choice. As this model is competitively priced, even tight budgets can normally be satisfied. So, it is clear to appreciate the many reasons why the HydroPump X40 is indeed one of the foremost designs on the open market. Get ready to be impressed!

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