Under The Cypress Tree’s of Taipingshan National Forest

Taipingshan National Forest has always been viewed as a supernatural place in Taiwan said to be haunted by the Ataya Tribe in the ‘savage land’.  The women of the tribe were all addicted to beetel nuts and tattooed on their faces so that the dead will recognize their family in the spirit world.

When Kuan Lin found the courage to speak with Shu-Chen, it was lust at first sight.  They could not help the passionate kisses that ensued and found the cabin to consummate this lucky encounter.  As they began to make love it was then that Kuan Lin saw that Shu-Lin was in fact possessed by his former fiancee, who had passed more than 3 years earlier.

When Shu-Chen returned to her body she had no recollection of the events that had transpired.  Find out all about this supernatural erotic tale set in Taiwan

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