Ultimate Guide to Better Sex

Sex is something humans have engaged in since the dawn of time, it’s funny though sometimes I really sit and think about it and I wonder what the first people to have sex were thinking, what a strange yet probably very nice encounter for them. If you think you’re a sex god, chances are – you’re probably not. Overconfidence can lead to taking things too fast, or not reading your partner properly. Sex is never the same with each person, it takes time to figure each other out, and you should pay attention to detail!


Oral is something people love or hate, surprisingly not everyone enjoys giving oral. But, receiving oral is something everyone wants and, particularly males, expect. Oral is something that should be catered accordingly to the mood, person and individual wants. When going down on a girl it is very important to read her body, and DO NOT copy what you see in porn, there is nothing worse than a guy who thinks we enjoy having your palm viciously rubbed all over our clit and vulva, and no it will make us squirt like they pretend to in porn! You should take your time to work the tongue action and ensure switching up the motion every now and then, maybe add a bit of finger if you know she likes that, and don’t be the guy who doesn’t kiss after oral, it screams immature!

And girls, when going down on him don’t forget to work with your hand and
mouth, and not everyone likes deep throating so it’s not a necessity if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Read his body, work the balls too with a gentle massage or sucking if you’re okay with that, get all his senses stimulated, it helps him to feel like you’re really enjoying it and making it all about him, men love that.


Foreplay can be the most important part for some people. Most love the teasing, touching, kissing, and sensuality of it. It’s a lot of fun that helps you to get into a relaxed mood and an open mind. A great way to begin foreplay, and to make your partner feel special in general, is to get a massage candle going, they create a beautiful smell and they’ll love the warm feel of the oil all over them. Then you can begin the kissing and touching, even get some toys out if that’s what you fancy. Make sure to take the time to focus on your partner, be in the mindset to give and communicate if there’s something particular you had in mind or something you don’t like.

Sex Toys

Not everyone is into toys and that’s perfectly okay, but don’t be totally closed to investing in some in the future! There are so many amazing couples toys on the market now, such as the We Vibe Sync, Kiiro interactive set, NU cock ring and Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo. All have their own style and quality, and are totally partner interactive. The Hot Octopuss is the most interesting out of all, it’s a great toy to use during foreplay, it has strong vibrations sent straight
to the shaft, but on the outer side is beautiful ridges perfect for your partner to grind on helping to stimulate her clit, which also helps work the toy up and down the shaft. The We Vibe Synce is the only toy on the market that can be inserted and used during sex, it has a strong, moveable, C shaped spine to hold it in place on the g spot and the clit for a guaranteed orgasm without the
extra work of having to hold a bullet or wand on the clit during sex. All Oh Zone adult stores carry both these sex toys, and the other mentioned above!

Now for the grand finale… intercourse!

Intercourse is the easy part, you should know what your partner likes and dislikes in terms of roughness and positions. All the little things like choking, hair pulling, some light bondage, anal, spanking and so forth are things you try along the way and should be spoken about first. Not everyone is going to like choking, hair pulling or light bondage because it can make them feel claustrophobic or trigger anxiety from loss of movement. If these are things that you enjoy and would like to engage these with your partner during sex it helps to talk about your past scenarios or use examples so they understand what it is, ensure you have made them feel safe and comfortable and they are 100% okay with these actions. Anal is not something you can just jump right into either, unless you know your partners body is able to do that. Prep with lots of lube, use fingers or plugs to warm the area and then go for it if they are ready.

Positions are key to think about, don’t go too crazy trying to bend your partner in all different directions. Doggy is a perfect staple, it allows you to have full range of movement and some nice views while she is feeling everything in a totally different way to basic missionary. Another good one is to sit on the
edge of the bed and have her come on top, it allows her to ride you in a way that feels comfortable and brings you both close together so you have perfect body grabbing and kissing range, it’s extremely sensual, especially if she is still covered in oil from that massage.

Basically, pay attention to the small things, don’t try too hard and let things happen naturally. Your partner will love you for trying for them, and that trying goes a long long way in the long run. Remember foreplay, don’t go to psycho in oral and enjoy yourself! And ladies, get out of your head, let the orgasm happen naturally! Just focus on having fun guys, enjoy

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