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Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 26, a happily mother of a beautiful girl of 3 years. My life if not perfect is certainly one that I treasure and enjoy. My life is not overly stressful and although we can use a few extra dollars we are by no means short of a quid. Of an evening I love nothing better than to get on Facebook and am a moderator for two Facebook groups one having about 6000 lady followers and another with about 2500 mixed couples where we talk about everyday things that make our lives happier and more fulfilling. To keep me sane I work casually 3 days a week doing office work, when I drop off my gorgeous daughter to day-care – just so I can get some personal adult interaction more than a requirement to work.

Recently, whilst participating in some Facebook posts and chat the discussion went to the subject of vibrators for women and how many of us ladies found it intimidating to walk into an adult shop to ask about what sex toys worked best for each individual and more importantly to buy one – not knowing who would be serving and what knowledge they possessed. The discussion went further to specific toys and I asked the group if I was able to source specific products at a cheaper than regular retail price would they be interested for me to buy and ship to them on their behalf. This was met with a resounding yes and without knowing how or where, I had created a business model that works for me and had 11 orders without having a supplier.

I then did some research on the web and found a number of adult drop shipping sites in Australia and contacted them. By far and large the one that offered the best customer service, range of products and ability to set up and account with them was Xsales. Better yet after speaking to the lovely and friendly customer service manager Anna she said that if I required products that were not on their website – which is very easy to use and navigate – they could source the product and be able to sell it to me way below retail price so those popular luxury brand toys were all available as special orders.

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So after completing my account application and providing my current ABN that was approved within 24 hours I placed my first orders. It was very simple to do and I could make payment by credit card as soon as I placed the order or leave it in awaiting payment (until I received the money for the products). Working out what to charge for post is simple domestically in Australia as it is a flat $10 for postage and handling regardless the size of the order. Internationally there is a calculator that will indicate what the charges are – as simple as ABC.

Having paid for my first lot of orders by credit card I rang Anna the next afternoon to be pleasantly told that my orders had already been packed and shipped. Online the next day appeared tracking numbers for me to track and for me to provide with my facebook customers. To my surprise and delight the following day I received messages from women wishing to join the group in order for me to source adult products for them at cheaper than retail prices. That evening I placed further orders and was delighted to find that the same great service from xsales was provided.

I have been doing this now for just two weeks but Xsales works for me as I am receiving 10-15 messages from ladies daily wishing to join my group and source products for them. So far xsales has not let me down. Obviously I am not sure how big this is going to become but what I am earning after two weeks is exceeding what I get for my 3 casual days work so am going to be investing more time into it. I do not have a website but am now investigating taking this through Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr to generate similar business models. Xsales does not market through these social networks and it seems to me a huge opportunity for someone that like me that has a group that would be interested in these products. It is a business model that requires no monetary outlay, no website, no-risk and really no work – just a social group that may be interested in the products offered. I came across this by chance and hope it may give someone else, perhaps less fortunate than me, out there the opportunity to earn money.

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