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Any man if asked would say that he wants to satisfy his lover. This is the reason why most men search for new techniques and tricks to improve their sexual performance. Among the several techniques and devices that were released the past few years, sex toys have been a favorite for men. So if you are a man looking to try new innovative ways and increase your sexual performance and generally improve the satisfaction in your relationship, why not try the new trend called Penis plug. This is a new toy that will help you increase your sexual performance, while achieving more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

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You would be surprised of the several designs and shapes that you can find, when looking for the ideal penis plug. But let’s begin with the definition of this toy. A penis plug is a toy made of stainless steel, usually having a straight shape and it is inserted in the urethra for increased stimulation and longer lasting sexual play. Though you can find several things to insert in your urethra, it is advised that you would use only stainless steel toys, because other materials like glass or plastics would be easier to break and cause injury.

The most common penis plug is the Urethral Sounds. In several occasions it comes in a straight size or in a more curved design that will help enlarge the size of your urethra. Another common type of penis plugs is the Prince’s wand. These require a piercing that you need to have on the underside of your penis. This plug is inserted into the urethra, and a threaded pin is inserted through the piercing and screwed on the plug. Several plugs of this type may have a ball at the top that can be unscrewed in case of ejaculation or getting rid of other fluids. Other penis plugs don’t have a piercing and they vary in designs.

By thinking of a penis plug you might think that this is very painful. In the contrary though, this little device will enlarge your urethra, while increasing your sexual gratification and improving your performance on sex. Your orgasms will be more intense than ever before. Each cock is different, so each penis plug follows the same concept. Each penis plug is different and can be offered in different sizes, diameters and lengths. You can choose penis plugs that have balls of steels, others that require a piercing and others with a glands holder and other plugs that are straight and plug and play. If you don’t want to feel the pain of getting pierced on your cock, the simplest form of penis plugs will be best suitable for you.

Last but not least the most modern type of penis plugs include a vibrator on top of the plug, so that you can feel extra vibrations and increased orgasms during long lasting sexual foreplay and acts. If you haven’t tried one, this is your chance. Penis plugs are the new fashion of sex toys for men. It may sound a bit strange and it may be perceived as painful, but in the contrary, it is very pleasurable. Men are using penis plugs for many years. The most common penis plug is made out of stainless steel or also called surgical steel. There are many types of penis plugs, with the most common being the Pa Seem and the thru hole. These devices can have an uneven or smooth shaft, and they come in various designs. To get a penis plug you should device on lengths and diameters too. Getting a bigger one can be painful and getting a smaller one can fall off easily. You should get the dimensions of your urethra diameter and buy a plug accordingly.

Always buy penis plugs that can be cleaned. Ensure that you buy a high quality and expensive penis plug as better quality can ensure a healthier act. To use the plug you need to choose a water based lubricant. Put some lube on the top of your urethra and on the plug and push it slowly through the top of your penis. Gently push it down slowly, and let gravity pull it inside. When it gets in, start stroking slowly and gently. Lay back, relax and enjoy the experience. Many men are using penis plugs for several years, but lately the plugs have become a shopping device that can be purchased by any sex shop.

Penis plugs can vary in diameter and size. Usually you may chose plugs from 2 inch width and 5 inches long and bigger. If this is your first time thinking of using one, make sure you buy a high quality plug. Do not use any homemade plugs as they can cause infection or injury to your urethra. There are several penis plugs that can be used in masturbation and can be wore while ejaculating. These are the open ended ones and they let cum and other fluids pass through the plug. The other option is getting a closed ended plug that will need to be removed before going to the toilet or ejaculating.

Penis plugs are being perceived as painful by people that never had this experience. In the contrary, this experience will offer greater and harder erections, long lasting orgasms and harder ejaculation. They can be used in solo masturbation or in sexual acts with your partner and in oral sex. Using sex toys is not a taboo any more. Anyone can freely go out to their local sex shop or visit an online adult shop and purchase a plug. This is a little device that can change a man’s life. Showing to your partner that you care and she will reward you with greater intercourse and better oral sex. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t used a penis plug before. There is always a first time. Research and purchase a penis plug now. It is guaranteed to make you a better sex beast.


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