The Travel Lock Dilemma

BMS Factory is a well-known sex toy manufacturer that has produced many bestselling brands that include The Swan Series, Palm Power, PowerBullet and Wonderlust to name a few.  Having been involved in the adult industry for many years I rate these toys as both being aesthetically pleasing as well as being top notch pleasuring devices.  They are easy to use and generally trouble free except for the ‘Travel Lock Dilemma’

Having now been an online retailer for a decade or so I have noticed that there are many reports of ‘DOA’ or ‘Item Not Working’ from the BMS Factory Range.  This puzzled me for a while as in brick and mortar stores we never had any such complaints and in fact many customers returned to say how great the products were.  So it just showed that as all sex toys sold to our clients are tested (using hygienic surgical gloves of course) to ensure

  1. that they are working
  2. that the customer is happy with the toy and
  3. to let the customer know of all it’s functions and modes

the ‘travel lock dilemma’ was real.

Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction


So why would so many reports and returns for BMS products occur online when no such issue exists in-store.  The answer to that question is the travel lock.  The BMS manufacturing plant charge and test all their products before they leave the factory and once checked the travel lock is put on.  Most people that have owned a sex toy would know that to turn it there are a few options between brands –

  1. Simply hold the power button down for three seconds
  2. On/off switch that is automatic and
  3. A control that is either a wheel or slider that both turns the vibe on and will also increase or decrease the vibrations or rotations.

These functions also work with BMS pleasure products BUT not when you first receive it because of the travel lock dilemma.  And to top all that off the travel lock is controlled differently between their brands.  Let us take one of my favorite brands of sex toys – The Swan Series.


When you excitedly receive your Swan and open it ready to have some

Swan Range & Wonderlust Ranges (Excluding the Mini Swan):

When you Swan vibrator arrives it should be full charged but travel locked.  In order to turn the travel lock off hold both buttons down for 5 seconds.  The toy will then vibrate to indicate that the travel lock is now turned off.  To switch the lock back on again hold both buttons down for 5 seconds and the short vibration indicates it is back on.

Mini Swan Wand and PalmPower Range:

All Swan products come factory locked – To unlock the Mini Swan and PalmPower Range, quickly press the button three times and you will feel a short vibration to indicate the lock has been turned off. To lock again, quickly press the button three times, it will vibrate and the lock will switch on again.

With the Palmpower range there are additional instructions given should one find it difficult to unlock them.

‘If you are having trouble unlocking your PalmPower Recharge, charging it for at least 5 seconds will also deactivate the travel lock.’


The award winning PowerBullet range from BMS Factory is exceptional, delivering a massively powerful vibrator that is used in some of the premium sex toys across the globe.  Many luxury sex toys employ the PowerBullet to be the motor of their innovative designs.  However the PowerBullet also has a travel lock but it is an instant one.  Instructions delivered are –

‘There may be certain times when you want to turn your product off in a hurry. We thought about this and our “Press and Hold” feature allows “one touch off” per button. Travel lock allows you to travel safely without concern that the product might come on and cause embarrassment with security issues or run down the charge. ‘

Now do not get me wrong, I still love the BMS Factory Ranges and they are in the top 10 in the world, certainly in my opinion but I can also understand why some people that have purchased these exquisite toys have contacted us to say that their item is dead on arrival.  Here is to hoping that this article may clear up the ‘Travel Lock Dilemma’ associated with these products but in doing so not shy you away from trying them.


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