This Fleshlight Is Going To DeStoya!

Fleshlight masturbators are staple pieces in any man’s masturbation collection, I would know because I absolutely love them. The Forbidden Sleeves are a realistic sex toy that replicates the feeling of what it is like to have penetrative anal sex. The Forbidden Sleeve is made with a textured interior that has three different main areas of stimulation.

Let’s Talk About The Textures

The first area is the entrance which measures around 2 centimetres long, it’s a tight and straight tunnel that has absolutely no texture. This is perfect for the feeling of entering someone at the beginning of sex before they have fully warmed up! It’s give that body-hugging sensation that can provide you with just the right amount of stimulation. The second area is just after the entrance and is 3 centimetres in length, it features ridges that are closely positioned one after the other. This style of texture is known as cross-ribs which will provide some pleasurable stimulation as you push further into the sex toy. The third area is around 14 centimetres (5.5 inches) in length, it is a tunnel with gentle waves that will give you just the right amount of stimulation.

Anal sex men's masturbator
Image: Stoya’s Fleshlight Forbidden Sleeve

How The Fleshlight Forbidden Is Molded

These sleeves are molded directly from a porn stars back-side so they look incredibly just like the real thing. There are many Fleshlight Girl’s who have their very own version of this sex toy, so it is with delight that I had found that Stoya has her own range of Fleshlights and I couldn’t help myself but I just had to try her out!

My Personal Experience

You see, I already had a Lotus which replicated her vagina. Stoya’s Lotus is beautiful with her vaginal lips delicately opening up like a butterfly. This makes it easy to imagine fucking her especially if you watch one of her DVDs at the same time. I have used this Fleshlight a countless amount of times but I had a growing lust to have a sleeve for anal so I purchased the Forbidden Sleeve.

With great delight I opened her up, the sleeve and mold were almost perfect. I salivated at the chance to experience what anal sex with this amazing porn star would be like. First, I generously lubricated her and my erection with some water-based lubricant. I entered her, I could not help but enjoy how snug and tight it was. The feelings were astounding as I experienced the ridges and waves that lined her canal. Using her this way whilst watching her DVD was almost voyeuristic and a real turn on.

Porn star Stoya in lingerie
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It felt like I was fucking Stoya, America’s darling of porn as she is commonly referred to. She is said to be known for her confidence and pride. Judging by her movies it looks like she can handle any sexual encounter regardless how lewd or dangerous it may be. Stoya is a natural brunette and her beauty is enigmatic, she is a no bullshit, get what she wants kind of girl. Lately, I have noticed that she is getting more risqué! She is known to frequent BDSM and fetish forums and groups on the internet.

She is no bimbo either having written articles for the New York Times, The Guardian and Esquire Magazine. To top that off she is active on her personal blog. She claims to be a bit of a naturalist which helps me to day dream about her in the kitchen sashaying along butt naked.

Stoya’s Forbidden Sleeve will make you hard really quickly and makes you feel like your orgasm is only minutes away. The ribbed and smooth anal canal feels so pleasant that it’s very difficult to not blow your load after simply two or three minutes of jerking off. The climax is SO intense to the point that it can be difficult to stay inside that ass during climax however it feels so great that you will do everything in your will not to stop. It is one of the best Fleshlights out there and all the customer reviews I have ever read are positive.

Even if you are not a fan of Stoya like I am, it is worth the purchase price to experience the closest thing to anal sex that you can, without being in the real thing.  Remember to take care of it and it will take care of you. Another one of my favorite men’s sex toys is the Katsuni Lotus but that discussion is for another time!

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