Sound Solution IntiMate III 7″ Realistic Dong

The Sound Solution’s IntiMate III 7″ Realistic Dong With Scrotum is a vibrating model also with a suction cup. The Intimate III is a lovely realistic looking dong with a veiny texture, realistic head and nicely textured testicles for external stimulation as well, and comes in three different flesh tones. At 7 inches of insertable length and with a comfortable looking girth and with the realistic features it would be very suitable for newbies as well as those more experienced with using a dildo. I think it’s non-threatening appearing as compared to some of the larger and more fantastical looking dongs.

The suction cup has a good stronghold for hands-free play. Just stick the suction cup to any smooth surface (such as a wall or a smooth seat, but you could get more creative) and bounce, thrust and play at your leisure. You can also use it without attaching it to anything, and just guide it with your hands wherever you want it to go. The vibrations on this dong come courtesy of a simple, silver coloured hand-control powered by 3xAA batteries, which attaches to the dong with a cord, so it doesn’t have quite the flexibility of some of the more advanced remote control vibrating toys but on the plus side it would be much harder to lose the controller or have it fall into unexpected hands – eg if you have curious kids around!

It has 3 vibration speeds – low, mid and hi – and it’s very easy to turn on and off. No holding a button down for 3 seconds or working out symbols on multiple buttons, just move the switch from the clearly marked ‘off’ position to whichever speed you would like to experience. The vibrations are not as strong as many of the rechargeable toys, and there are no fancy features like pulses or thrusting but it’s good for simple pleasures. The motor is nice and quiet too. It’s also quite flexible, with just the right amount of firmness, which I personally think is very nice and again lends a familiar and realistic feel.

It is safe as it is phthalate-free, non-toxic and is made from an anti-bacterial additive plastic (ABA formula plastic) for a pleasurably peace-of-mind experience.

Dildos and Dongs are the closest that you can get to the real deal, so why not add one to your toy box? Perfect for playing alone or experimenting with your partner, they could be just what you need to spice things up! Select one modelled from your favourite porn star or make a toy version based on someone you know with the famous Clone-A-Willy.  Dongs and Dildos come in a variety of materials such as silicone, plastic, Cyberskin, glass or metal, and come in an assortment of sizes with one just right for you.

Eliza is a consultant at the Oh Zone Stores.

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