A Super Hung Hero Gives The Hammer!

Doc Johnson has made a whole new range of sex toys called the “Super Hung Heroes”. Doc Johnson describes “The Hammer” from their range of products as being:

‘Behold a treasure form a far off planet! Nailing in at 9” long with a 1.5” width, Super Hung Heroes The Hammer features a deep brown shaft bestowing mythical pleasure powers to whoever possesses it, topped off with a firm silver base that the God of Thundering Orgasms would be proud to call his own! Made of Platinum Premium Silicone, The Hammer is here to banish bedroom boredom and make you rumble with pleasure! Health Grade, Hypoallergenic, and Phthalate-free. Proudly Made in America.’

Well this is a novel idea, a dildo on a hammer based on the Marvel Character Thor. I know many people who have sexual fantasized about their favorite comic book or super hero character coming to life. You know the feeling of this heavily built man or sexually strong woman seducing you with their moralistic endeavours that just so happen to let them be the most sexiest human being on the planet. It is only the super hero that can save the day and they choose to be with you to fulfill each other’s sexual needs. Mmmmm, corny or not? The Super Hung Line from Doc Johnson has a hero for everyone; It can be a mean and green hulk or a Dark and brooding Batman.

I got the Thor hammer. The Hammer is brilliant and colorful and shaped like the one Thor has in the Marvel movies and comics. It has a leather grip for you to twirl it around if you so desire and a brown handle. So not only can you use it as your sex toy you can spin it around and threaten anybody in your household that has been of bad behavior. It is a non-vibrating phallic dildo that I was about to do hammer-time with it. Feel the wrath of Thor I say.

Hero Sex Toy
Thor Dildo

Ever since I discovered this line of sex toys I’ve been checking out the Marvel Website to see what other potential toys they can make. Maybe we’ll get a Captain Marvel masturbator soon! Who knows, we may get one. So whatever your super-hero, you can choose favorite. Not only could you use this as an awesome, and cheeky cosplay idea for when you go to Comic-Con, but you can double it as a bedroom fun toy! If you find your lover watching repeats of Thor or the Hulk Doc Johnson has got you covered if you want to do a role play in the bedroom to fulfill their sexual fantasy. These sex toys will be funny and a great sexual turn on in the bedroom.

It is pretty sturdily constructed and you can use the hammer portion of it as a base should you want to jump up and down on it and the spiraling ridge gives it quite a unique sensation, The Hammer is not too large and not too small but I would suggest it is intended for solo play as giving my partner a hammer to fuck me with gives me the heebie jeebies. The shaft is firm yet it does bend so in no way does it cause pain or discomfort when inserted. It also allows you to find your g-spot. I would suggest you use a lot of lubricant with this weapon to ensure a friction-less experience. We recommend the award winning Superslyde lubricant as it never fails it sexual duty. I wasn’t game enough to try this anally as I thought of putting a hammer up my butt did not appeal to me however. I think because of the flexibility of the dildo it could make a great anal toy.

Although a novel concept and I am sure that Doc Johnson has sold a shit-load of these because of that novelty factor but I could not quite get into this dildo sex toy. Give me a lelo vibrator any day and I will write a thesis on how great they are but this left me just short of the mark. Don’t get me wrong it works and for some who are into super-heroes (in more ways than one) it might be the bomb.



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