How and Where to find the Best Escorts

There are times when you are so used to the sex that you’ve been having for the longest time. Maybe you have just been doing the same sex positions over and over again, it’s quite frustrating. Perhaps you want to try something new this time? You want to do it with other people, or you might want to invite more people into the party. Escorts are the way to go to help you fulfill your desires! But how do you start and where to find them? Read on to know.


What should I look for in an Escort?

  1. Versatility – when looking for escorts, look for women (or men) who are comfortable doing the things that you like. Whether you are into BDSM or other kinks, make sure that you are getting the most out of your money, because let’s be real, hiring an escort and paying for sex is not cheap. But also consider the preference of the person too. Make sure that you discuss with the escort what specific things you want to do during your time together.
  2. Excited – since you will be spending your time and sharing sexual experiences together, it would be great if he or she will have the same excitement as you are. Just imagine if you got someone who is apathetic and seems bored when with you, would you feel ecstatic? Of course not! Find someone who makes you feel pleased and thrilled during the entire process. Make sure that you are being satisfied to the maximum level!
  3. Eager to know you – Hey, you’re not paying these people just for sex. Escorts can also give you some company especially when you need one. Some escorts perform “girlfriend duties”, while others attend social gatherings with their clients. With that being said, it would be awesome if the escort that you will get is someone who would also like to know you personally, not just as his or her client. It would be nice if some would ask about how your day went, what you want for dinner, or simply how you are doing. This way, the next time you had your session, you will both be comfortable and at ease around each other!
  4. Accessibility – let’s say you’ve met an escort for the first time and you enjoyed your experiences together, now you want another session. This is where accessibility and availability takes place. Ensure that it will be easy for you to call them whenever you want their services. Take time to know their schedules, where they live, and the accessibility of their places. Commute should not be a hassle to them. But don’t be too hard on them. Yes, you’re paying them to spend time with you, but you should also learn to understand that they have their own lives, so there can be times when they can’t make it to you.
  5. Beautiful and intelligent – intelligence in sexy, no doubt about that. There’s something about being intelligent and smart that makes someone automatically sexy. Besides, it’s great to have someone whom you can exchange healthy arguments with. This will also be beneficial to the both of you since you will have the ability to learn something from each other.

These are just some of the qualities that you should look for in an escort. There are still a lot more to learn but these will basically get you somewhere. Now, where can you find them? Here’s where:


  1. Classified ads sites – unlike before when classified ads website only mean a place where you can dispose of your unused household items, these sites nowadays can also carry listings of escorts! Modern classified ads sites contains location-based listings of people who are looking for people to spend time with, or even someone who wants to find their lifetime partner.
  2. Dating Sites and applications – unlike classified ads sites, dating websites are more targeted and straight to the point. You can simply swipe and click and who knows, you might find the perfect person for you! You can actually interact a lot better when using these sites too since they have chat and photo exchange features. This is helpful so you don’t have to feel awkward when you meet each other for the first time.
  3. Escort agencies – this is specifically for those places where the escort industry is widely legal and accepted. Escort agencies provide escorting services to clients, may it be sexual or non-sexual. This usually depends on the client, as stated before, there are escorts who only perform “duties” as stated and agreed upon by both parties. These agencies also arrange the bookings and schedules of their escorts, so payment go through the agency itself since they will be the one to provide the allocated percentage to their escorts. This is perfect for those clients who want to just test the waters and get someone from a reputable source.
  4. Bars and clubs – what’s better than meeting an escort in person, right? You can interact right away, discuss what it is that you want to do and experience with them, right then and there! Although escorts can sometimes be very careful with whom they interact with when they are at clubs and bars, as they also want to protect themselves and their jobs.
  5. Social Media – lastly, you can come across escorts via their various social media accounts. It can be Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. These are the perfect channels for them to promote their services and offerings. Some high end escorts also have their own websites where they can freely publish what they can offer to potential clients like you!


Wherever you find your escort, the goal is for you to be happy, so make sure that you get pleasured and satisfied!


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