The A-Z Of A Cuckolding Lifestyle!

A cuckold lifestyle is not for everyone

Many men find the thought of their wife becoming an adulteress threatening of their relationship.  That it is a breach of their marriage vows allowing their HotWife to fulfill her sexual needs whilst often insisting that he not only remain faithful, but often also in chastity to be had only when she deems it fit.  Relinquishing one’s power both sexually and in lifestyle can be daunting and challenging.  However, those that live a cuckold lifestyle enjoy the relinquishing of the responsibility of satisfying an often insatiable woman.

Some cuckold lifestyles are extreme and will incorporate bondage, discipline, humiliation and sadism to varying degrees.  But domination is in all cuckold relationships, and the HotWife will control just how much and what will be allowed.  There is some specific terminology used in cuckolding society and here is a basic A-Z glossary for cuckolds.

Glossary and definitions for cuckolds


The HotWife that is in a relationship or married that has an affair or affairs with other men.


A cuckold is often bound in order to further his training.  When the HotWife begins to have affairs in front of her partner he is often bound so that he cannot participate in or stop the actions.


The husband or partner of an adulteress who is an object of derision and humiliation.


The HotWife will dominate her partner or husband in all matters of sexuality that may spill over to everyday life as well.

Erotic Power Play

Used when first entering the cuckolding lifestyle and that power is given to the adulteress.


A HotWife often not only dominates her partner sexually but may also incorporate domination in other facets of lifestyle.

Feminized cuckolding
Cuckold Feminzed


During punishment and humiliation exercises a HotWife often feminizes her partner by making him take on female characteristics including clothing and make-up.


CBT and Chastity play are commonly used during cuckolding sessions.


Is a woman in a relationship who is free to have sexual relationships with other men and women.

Internal Enslavement

When the cuckold is ordered by his HotWife to do something – like stand in a corner – without being bound  and will remain in that position until he is released of that command.

Junior Top

A HotWife during feminization training have the man she is having an affair with top the cuckold.


When incorporating male chastity in a cuckold relationship the adulteress becomes the keyholder.


Is a person that totally becomes absorbed in the lifestyle of a particular fetish like cuckolding.


The HotSpouse when incorporating bdsm and chastity play in a cuckold relationship becomes the mistress.


The cuckold must negotiate with his HotWife when or if he be allowed to participate in any sexual activities.  This will also apply to other everyday lifestyle actions.  Negotiations can take place at different intervals of the relationship.


The cuckold must be obedient to his HotWife at all times.


If the cuckold misbehaves, is disobedient or does not please the HotWife he will be punished.  Punishments should already have been determined in the negotiation.


The same as facesitting but may incorporate the use of a chair for the comfort of the HotSpouse.


The cuckold must have respect for his partner at all times.


A cuckold is there to serve his HotWife and please her.

Total Power Exchange

Where all decisions are made by the HotWife and there is no longer any negotiation.  The HotWife has turned into a full blown mistress.

Urethral Chastity

Often used by the HotWife to punish the cuckold by inserting a solid pee stopper  so that he cannot urinate.

Voice Training

The HotWife may train the cuckold to talk a certain way during feminization or at other times in a particular manner when serving her.


A term used for newbies when they first try cuckolding until they become familiar and comfortable.


An electronic prod often used by the HotSpouse when the cuckold has been misbehaving badly.

So there are a few simple terms that are often used in cuckolding society.

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  1. hey there. really interesting and logical perspective of this matter a question for you though. would you let your wife make you a cuckold? and for cuckoldress who gets more pleasure than their cucks, or in other words, possibly being attached to the third party, that d be pretty screwed up wont it? Would you agree that cuckoldresses cuckold their hubby to make them feel jealous and in turn, make the hubby appreciate her and put in more effort to please her?what do you think?

  2. Bull
    QoS (queen of spades)

    There are tons you left out of this list, and a ton that have nothing to do with the BDSM aspects of the fetish. And your descriptions for some of them are laughable.

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