6 Best Teen Porn Magazines in Australia

Maybe people think it’s unusual that I much prefer adult magazines over XXX movies. In 2014, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the best titles so collectors are running into the best adult shops in Sydney to grab them before they disappear. I just find that there is so much more to the imagination in a magazine than what there is in a film. I thought I’d create a list of my favourite teen sex magazines. This list caters more to adult magazine collectors who like soft-core pornography with an Australian Category 1 rating (sale to minors is prohibited). Porn in relationships is also very beneficial to both you and your partner!  I have compiled a list below of my 6 Best Teen Porn Magazines in Australia:

Barely Legal Magazines

  1. Tight:

Tight magazine was exactly that, it was tight! The camera work was very well done and the models more than often were stunningly beautiful. I had to look through all the adult shops in Sydney to feed my collection. Sadly, the collection was recently ceased but has made for a valuable collectors piece. Tight’s place of production is the USA.

2  18Eighteen:

Many would rank this magazine as #1 on the list. 18eighteen is one of the best sellers in Australia and for a good reason, it’s a great publication with beautiful young girls exposing themselves on almost every page. It’s the magazine which almost never disappoints and I haven’t missed a copy since Nov 2010! 18Eighteen place of production is the USA.

3  ClubSeventeen Series:

ClubSeventeen (don’t be fooled by the name, all models are 18+) magazines are world class in terms of originality and innovation. Most of their magazines are smaller than your average height and width but the quality of photography is hard to beat. There are less advertisements than any other magazines and the girls are often wearing sexy colourful socks, shoes or the trademark cap with heart logo. The Dutch know what they’re doing when it comes to teen porn! ClubSeventeen Series place of production is Holland.

4  Finally Legal: 

Unlike many other teen magazines which claim to contain pictures of models no older than 18, Finally Legal is actually telling the truth. Page after page of teen pussy in a magazine which is easily one of the best available in Australia. Finally Legal’s place of production is the USA.

5  Just18:

Just18 is like Finally Legal magazine’s naughty cousin. It’s released only 6 times a year and contains more explicit photography than most other magazines on this short list. Quite often with hardcore magazines the photographer loses focus on the youthful beauty of the girl, this just isn’t the case with Just18! Just18 place of production is the USA.

6  Purely18:

 Purely18 is in my opinion the winner of the lot! Although there are other teen sex magazines which have less ads, I haven’t come across magazines which can beat Purely18 in terms of camera work, scenes and picture layout and literature. The girls are always stunningly beautiful amateurs and there’s only one hardcore section in the middle. It’s a real work of art! Purely18 place of production is the USA.

So if you are like me, have a bit of a shop around and you will find some adults only magazines that will suit your tastes.



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