No Holes Barred In Teagan Presley Fleshlights!

Let me start by saying I am the most massive fan of Teagan Presley. She is my ultimate porn star favorite and in a perfect world would be my women. Teagan Presley was born July 24th, 1985 in The Woodlands, Texas USA. And she began her porn career as a stripper to earn some extra money. Her boyfriend at the time, what a looser, split up with her as he was against her doing it. They say hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and so for ultimate revenge she found an agent and went straight into the porn movie industry.

Her first movie in 2002 was a Red light Production, Just Over 18, and over that first year starred in over 60 uncut movies. In 2004 she started doing anal scenes and signed an exclusive with Digital Playground for three years. When her contract was over she started her owned website and porn company with Tyler Woods her husband who was also in the industry. The company did not do as well as expected and they closed it down in 2008 – going back to what she did best and that is do porn.

Then towards the end of 2008 had her breast implants replaced and in what was probably a first auctioned them off on e-bay. The proceeds of the auction went to Breast Cancer Research and legal bills. She split with her husband and in 2010 announced she would no longer be doing boy/girl scenes and would strictly do solo and lesbian shoots. She also founded her new company Skinworxxx. I reckon Teagan is the most popular porn star in the world although most lists have her in the top 10 anyway.

So this brings me to the part of the story I was getting to and that is the Teagan Presley Fleshlights. Being the world’s biggest Teagan fan I think I am an authority on these as I have each one so here is my review. Now remember all fleshlights are taken from a mold of the actual porn star so for me this is a men sex toy made in heaven.

Sexy Vagina
Teagans Pussy
  • Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Vagina:

There are three choices when it comes to Teagan Presley’s vagina – the Lotus, the Mini-Lotus and Love Humps. The Lotus is the most realistic vaginal intercourse feeling possible. A smooth tight entry, with a slightly wider vaginal canal, it’s just like its human predecessor. The Mini-Lotus has all the same realistic vaginal features of the original Lotus, but moved close to the orifice. The Love Humps was inspired by Teagan’s Unstoppable arse, and was designed as a hybrid between the Teagan Presley Lotus and Teagan Presley’s Forbidden Ass Fleshlights.

  • Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Mouth:

The Teagan Presley Swallow experience is one of the most realistic oral sex experiences you can have. Starting with a moderately tight opening, then leading into a ribbed texture, it will drive you wild. Two thirds of the way into her mouth you experience the back of her throat, which leads into a super tight canal.

  • Teagan Presley Fleshlight Butt:

You will not find a more realistic anal experience than the Teagan Presley Forbidden. Allow your anal fantasy to come true with one of the all-time greatest anal porn stars. Moulded directly from her own tight little arse and created with a soft, Superskin, the Teagan’s Forbidden simulates the unique and naughty pleasures of anal sex with one of the Top Porn stars of all time.


Pornstar Inked Magazine

Now don’t forget that fleshlight’s also have shower mounts if you should you wish to have some fun in the suds and not have to hold onto your fleshlight sex toy.

See below a list of films from Teagen Presley available now at xvideo Australia:

  • T&A (Video)
  • 2012D3viance (Video)
  • 2012Superstars (Video)
  • 2011Killer Bodies (Video)
  • 2011Not Airplane XXX: Cockpit Cuties (Video)
    Flight Attendant Brandy
  • 2011Grindhouse XXX (Video)
    Teagan (segment “Student Assassin”)
  • 2011Badass School Girls 5 (Video)
    Sorority Girl
  • 2011Harder (Video)
  • 2011Chick Flixxx (Video)
  • 2010Amy Ried’s Sexy Girls (Video)
  • 2010Eva Angelina vs. Teagan (Video)
  • 2010Pretty Little Lesbians (Video)
  • 2010D2: Deviance (Video)
  • 2010Teagan Takes Control (Video)
  • 2010Bree & Teagan (Video)
  • 2010Busted (Video)
  • 2010Teagan Presley: The Six (Video)
  • 2009Flight Attendants (Video)
    Flight Attendant Brandy
  • 2009Deviance (Video)
  • 2009Sun Goddess: Malibu (Video)
  • 2009Teagan vs Jenna (Video)
  • 2009The Art of the Cumfart 2 (Video)
  • 2009We Were of Innocence (Video)
  • 2008Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (Video)
  • 2008Not Bewitched XXX (Video)
  • 2008Roller Dollz (Video)
    Bea Whacks
  • 2008Addicted 4 (Video)
  • 2008Oil Overload 1 (Video)
  • 2008All Alone 3 (Video)
  • 2008No Swallowing Allowed 13 (Video)
  • 2008Jack’s POV 10 (Video)
  • 2008Fishnets 8 (Video)
  • 2008Internal Injections 3 (Video)
  • 2008Jack’s POV 12 (Video)
  • 2008Jack’s Teen America: Mission 22 (Video)
  • 2008Piece of Ass (Video)
  • 2008Sin & Bare It (Video)
  • 2008Smokin’ Hot Blondes (Video)
  • 2008Swap Meat (Video)
  • 2008Teagan: Video Nasty (Video)
  • 2008Tease Before the Please 2 (Video)
  • 2008The 4 Finger Club 27 (Video)
  • 2008The Doll House 4 (Video)
  • 2008What Gets You Off… 4 (Video)
  • 2007Babysitters (Video)
    Carla the Babysitter
  • 2007The Erotic Traveler (TV Series)
    Woman Showering
  • – Naked Pearls (2007) … Woman Showering
  • 2007Control 6 (Video)
  • 2007Cum Shots 10 (Video)
  • 2007Icon (Video)
  • 2007Inside Jobs 2 (Video)
  • 2007Jack’s Leg Show (Video)
  • 2007Jack’s Playground: Big Ass Show 8 (Video)
  • 2007Jack’s Playground 35 (Video)
  • 2007Jack’s Playground 38 (Video)
  • 2007My First Porn 9 (Video)
  • 2007The Art of the Cumfart (Video)
  • 2006Sexual Freak 2 (Video)
  • 2006Slut Puppies 2 (Video)
  • 2006Island Fever 4 (Video)
  • 2006Totally Busted (TV Series)
    Series Regular
  • – Pop Goes the Lobules (2006) … Series Regular
  • – Mobster’s Ball (2006) … Series Regular
  • – The Old Man & the Semen (2006) … Series Regular
  • – Ho-Down (2006) … Series Regular
  • – Master Daters (2006) … Series Regular
  • Show all 8 episodes
  • 2006Deeper 2 (Video)
  • 2006Deeper 3 (Video)
  • 2006Innocence: Ass Candy (Video)
  • 2006Jack’s Playground: Big Ass Show 2 (Video)
  • 2006Jack’s POV 5 (Video)
  • 2006My First Porn 3 (Video)
  • 2006Soloerotica 8 (Video)
  • 2006Teagan’s Juice (Video)
  • 2005Pirates (Video)
  • 2005Virtual Sex with Teagan Presley (Video)
  • 2005Entourage (TV Series)
    Teagan Presley
  • – I Love You Too (2005) … Teagan Presley
  • 2005Sinfully Sexy (Video)
  • 200520 Teen Girls Who Like to Suck Cock (Video)
  • 2005Apprentass 3 (Video)
  • 2005Back to School Special (Video)
  • 2005Jack’s Playground 28 (Video)
  • 2005Jack’s Teen America: Mission 11 (Video)
  • 2005Jack’s Teen America: Mission 5 (Video)
  • 2005Jack’s Teen America: Mission 9 (Video)
  • 2005My First Porn (Video)
  • 2005Out Numbered 3 (Video) (as Teagan)
  • 2005Raw Desire (Video)
  • 2005Teagan: All-American Girl (Video)
    All American Girl
  • 2005Terrible Teens 3 (Video)
  • 2004Jack’s Playground 16 (Video)
  • 2004Jack’s Playground 17 (Video)
  • 2004Taboo 2 (Video)
  • 2004Service Animals 18 (Video)
  • 2004Flesh Hunter 7 (Video)
  • 2004/IIUp Your Ass 22 (Video) (as Teagan)
  • 2004Weapons of Ass Destruction 3 (Video)
  • 2004Surfer Girls (Video)
  • 2004Hellcats 3 (Video)
  • 2004Service Animals 16 (Video)
  • 2004Anal Prostitutes on Video (Video)
  • 2004A Perverted Point of View 7 (Video)
  • 2004Artcore 2: Toilet Girl (Video)
  • 2004Ass-Fucking Young Girls (Video)
  • 2004Bell Bottoms 2 (Video)
  • 2004Butt Cream Pie 4 (Video)
  • 2004Contract Star (Video)
    La Sucia
  • 2004Cumstains 4 (Video)
  • 2004Cum Swapping Sluts 7 (Video)
  • 2004Drop Sex 2 (Video)
  • 2004Funny Boners 3 (Video)
  • 2004Hand Solo (Video)
  • 2004Hi-teen Club 8 (Video)
  • 2004Hustler Centerfolds 3 (Video)
  • 2004Innocence Little Secrets (Video)
  • 2004Internal Cumbustion 4 (Video)
  • 2004Jack’s Playground 14 (Video)
  • 2004Jack’s Teen America: Mission 1 (Video)
  • 2004Just Over 18 10 (Video)
  • 2004Just Turned 18 (Video)
  • 2004North Pole #49 (Video)
  • 2004Sex Brats 2 (Video)
  • 2004Share the Load (Video)
  • 2004Spunk’d (Video)
  • 2004Squirting 101 (Video)
  • 2004Stick It in My Face! 2 (Video)
  • 2004Tales from the Script 3 (Video)
  • 2004Teagan Erotique (Video)
  • 2004Tease Me Then Please Me (Video)
  • 2004Teenage Anal Princess (Video)
  • 2004Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Video)
  • 2004Teen Dreams 7 (Video)
  • 2004Total Babe 4: ‘It Girls’ (Video)
  • 2004Truly Nice Ass 7: Scrumptious (Video)
  • 2004Ultimate Asses 4 (Video)
  • 2004Underdressed and Oversexed (Video)
  • 2004/IUp Your Ass 22 (Video)
  • 2004Valley Girls 1 (Video)
  • 2004Wet Dreams Cum True 3 (Video)
  • 2004Young Pink 5 (Video)
  • 2004Young Pink 6 (Video)
  • 2003Cum in My Ass Not in My Mouth 2 (Video) (as Teagan)
  • 2003Barely 18 8 (Video) (as Teagan)
  • 2003Cum Drippers 6 (Video) (as Teagan)


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