Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore

My parents, my sisters and I have always had vacations in Tampines, Singapore. There are nice parks in the region which I guess still exist. To get there, you can walk at a relaxing pace through beautiful vegetation and very nice weather. At the farthest end of Tampines park near the man-made forest, there used to be fewer children and more couples. The further you walked clothes became optional. Couples, both gay and heterosexual would lye topping up their tans in the open sun. There were also some very strange ones. I remember one day I saw a naked woman in her mid-thirties walking through the meadows stark naked with a golden chain attached to her cleanly shaved labia.

My parents used to hate crowded places, so we always walked away from other families down to almost where the nude park was, where we would take off our clothes to bask in the beautiful sun. Our parents used to be much further away from where we would be but still in sight. We would sometimes hide and watch out parents take off all their clothes, we wouldn’t wait to see the rest of their activities. However, we always knew they had sex there just like everybody else.

I was the eldest daughter in our family but I can’t tell exactly how old I was at the time, I must have been 16 years old. At Tampines Park I used to love wearing my pink bikini under my clothes so that when we got to the park, I would take off my clothes and the bikini will be on. I was young and totally inexperienced. I didn’t even have a boyfriend yet. I was very small and skinny, compared to other girls my age. One day while in Tampines Singapore, we basked in the sun as usual. One of my sisters had met a friend and they had run off together. It was a slow afternoon, I was bored so I decided to take a stroll in the meadows. My parents were nowhere in sight and my other sisters gossiped and giggled as usual.

I walked for about half an hour and before I knew it, I had already crossed the nudist part of the park. Everybody was completely naked and some even had sex in the open. I noticed that there were also other girls about my age but with better bodies than mine. I walked through the park passing several couples and pretended not to be interested. There were all kinds of sounds as couples moaned and mumbled other words. Most of them didn’t seem to notice me while other just gave me a side glance and continued with whatever they were doing. It then hit me that even girls my age would sometimes come to this part of the park. As I walked farther into the park, I noticed a small crowd of naked men encircling something. I tried to ignore it but curiosity got the better part of me and I found myself walking towards them. The men were a typical group of nudists, some tanned a deep mahogany and others much older and not in any way good looking. They all stared at something on the ground in front of them, away from me.


Woman in Pink Bikini Photo
Photo: Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore – Woman in Pink Bikini


As my curiosity piqued, I sidled down towards them being very careful not to attract any attention. I got closer but still couldn’t see anything as the ranks of what appeared to be a group of 15 men formed a wall that I, being too short, could not see over. At this point I was right in their midst. I stood on my tiptoes and peered to see over them. As I did so, I slightly overbalanced and had to put my hand on the back of one of the men in front of me. He was a tall masculine man who seemed to be in his forties. He turned around to see the intruder and was a little shocked to see me. He seemed to be confused on whether to send me away or to spare some space for me to see whatever they were staring at. He looked over my head, maybe to see whether I was accompanied by someone, then he stood aside to make some room for me in front of him. I was too embarrassed to decline and I moved forward. He put his arm around my waist as if to guide me. I said thank you and squeezed myself to the space offered. Even after I settled, I noticed that his arm was still around my waist, but in a friendly manner, as if he was protecting me.

At the position where I was standing, I was able to see what the men were staring at. I was shocked to see that it was. Standing there were two men who faced each other with a girl about my age or older between them. Her hair was all over her face, she moaned softly as she made involuntary movements. I looked closer and what I saw made me gasp. Both men fucked her vigorously from both sides. One of them inserted his cock in the woman’s pussy and the other one in her asshole. The girl seemed to enjoy it as the men fucked her harder and faster. They continued in that position for a while then one of the men lay down with the girl on top of him and the other man keeled behind the girl. The man on the ground forced his feasibly large cock into the girl’s pussy and the other one pushed an even larger cock inside the girl’s asshole. Then they continued to fuck her harder than before. This time they didn’t do it for long as the man on the ground started thrusting faster and harder as he clenched his teeth, then all of a sudden he withdrew his cock and a white creamy stuff shot forward and fell on the girl’s stomach. The man at the back followed suit as his cream landed on the woman’s butt. Both men stood up and left the girl on the ground who looked totally exhausted. I looked around to check whether my fellow spectators were as shocked as I was but was met with even a greater shock. Almost all of them stroked their cocks as they watched the girl who by now, had sat upright with her legs wide apart. Her pussy lips were swollen and her asshole was agape.

This was not the end of it as two more men from the crowd lifted her up and continued to fuck her. I wondered how such a young woman could take so much without crying out for help or giving up. I had just watched a Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore. All this time I had not noticed that the hand around my waist had moved and started to caress my butt. I was also shocked to notice that a force had pushed at the cleft of my left buttock from below. I think the man became aware of my discomfort and he withdrew whatever it was that had pushed against me, or so I thought. No sooner had the force been withdrawn, it suddenly came back, this time sharper and harder. It moved up and down the length of my bum. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to see whatever it was. I turned around and my eyes were met by the sight of the largest cock I had ever seen. It was purplish with greenish veins that protruded from its length. I looked up at the man and all he did was smile and me and forced me to turn back around. I was too scared to push him away or to draw attention as I didn’t want to take the place of the girl being fucked in the middle. So I let him continue whatever he was doing, but this time, I felt everything.

He moved his cock up and down my butt crack and I became aware of a slippery liquid flowing down my inner thigh from the tip of his cock. He went further and pulled my bikini to the side and slipped his cock inside so that the contact was skin to skin. I was completely helpless and too scared to move. He glided on my ass gently but with intent, with his fat and hard cock pressed between my butt cheeks. He suddenly pushed at me, he forced me to lean forward for balance, with one of his hand at my belly and using his other hand to rub his cock on my butt crack. The movements changed and now he was pushing his cock back and forth, he pushed between my thighs with its ridge sliding along my vulva.


Woman in Pink Bikini Photo
Photo: Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore – Woman in Pink Bikini


I felt sexual pleasure immediately as the head of his cock brushed against where my clitoris was. It was the gentlest of all pressures, but enough to make me yearn for more of whatever he had done. I was wet and it made his glide much easier. I was completely intoxicated by his thrust by now that I leaned forward and pushed on the two men who stood in front of me. They turned around and shifted their attention from the woman being fucked in the middle to me. They also turned their cocks towards me. One of the men started to stroke my cheek while the other one reached for the nipple buds on my chest. I was so horny that I just let them. I don’t even remember what happened to my bikini but by this time, I was completely nude. I could no longer keep the upright posture so I bent down further. The man that stood in front of the men took this as a gesture and before I could get back again, his cock was in my mouth, deep down my throat it almost made me gag. My hands started to fly all over wildly and in the process, I accidentally drew the attention of more men who came at me like hungry wolves, they touched and lifted me off the ground. So many hands were all over my body with a few fingers inside my pussy and asshole, not to mention the cock in my mouth. The thought that I lost my virginity to a group of strange men scared me to death, yet there was nothing I could do. I just let them have their way.

All of a sudden, a cock was mercilessly pushed into my pussy which triggered a mixture of both pain and pleasure in my body. It thrusted hard and fast that I almost forgot that my mouth was full of cock. Another cock thrusted the same way into my asshole and I almost passed out. I don’t know how long they thrusted but all I know is that warm sticky liquids had flowed from my mouth, my asshole and my pussy. At some point, I could swear that there were more than three cocks inside my pussy at the same time. I think I passed out at some point because all I could feel was liquid that flowed down my throat and my legs. The pain had subsided and all I could feel was multiple orgasms as the men fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. There was so much pressure in my pussy and asshole from the different sized cocks that were thrusting in and out of me. They fucked me in all ways until the sun set.

I was saved by a woman’s voice which admonished the men. They dropped me down like an old rag and scattered in different directions. I tried to stand up by my knees gave way and I dropped back on the ground. Sticky liquid flowed continuously from my pussy and asshole such that I was in a pool of whitish stuff. Then a woman’s voice whispered in my ear “You are alright, it’s over” and she pulled me to my feet and handed me a new bikini, then walked me to a small wooden house where she cleaned me and gave me some water. I rested a bit and walked back to where my parents and sisters were but they had already left, the park attendant told me that they waited for me at the van. I joined them and refused to talk about what happened to me. That night, I masturbated with the thought of the events that took place that day.

Since that day, every time I visited the park, I made sure to visit that spot and I would get gang-banged, just the way I loved it. I am planning on visiting Tampines Park in Singapore soon this year. I hope I will get some action while I am at it.







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