Bella Talks Tantric Massage. You Should Listen!

The Sydney Tantric Massage opening line perfectly describes what a tantric massage experience is:

“Your sexual energy is awoken and spread around your entire body, causing a full body response, new sensations, a new understanding of the potential for pleasure within you. A Tantric Massage honours you in your entirety.”

A Tantra Massage is explained as where a person is taken to a place of deep relaxation. The experience will encourage you to breathe deeply and become more mindfully aware of every touch you experience and it allows for your body to naturally sexually respond. With Tantra Massage you are not expected to climax but it can lead to a powerful full body orgasm. It is one of the ways for men to learn how to orgasm without ejaculation.

There are two main types of Tantra Massages including a Yoni Massage which focuses on honouring the vagina and a Lingam Massage which focuses on honouring the male penis. I have to say, it sounds like an amazing experience which honestly connects all aspects of psychology, sexuality and spirituality together in a harmonious environment. Who doesn’t want all those benefits?

Sydney Tantric Massage have a large range of practitioners who specialise in areas including Intimacy Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Tantric Counselling, Energy Work, Bondassage and more. This is a VIP interview with Bella, the Manager of the Sydney Tantric Massage Website.

Bella A Tantric Practitioner
Photo: Bella, The Manager Of The Sydney Tantric Massage Website

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Bella.  I’m a Tantric Practitioner based in Sydney.  I manage the STM website, where independent and professionally trained Tantric practitioners advertise their Tantric services.

How did you get into Tantra Massage?

I was certainly interested in Tantra through my 20s, but it wasn’t until my early 30s that i started to have full body energetic and orgasmic experiences. Sometimes during sex, sometimes while dancing, and sometimes just literally out of the blue for no reason.  This gave me experiential insight into the fact that sexual energy is life force energy, and is not dependent on genital stimulation.  We have more of a powerful and full body orgasmic capacity for pleasure than many of us realise.  As my personal experiences of sexual energy were so far outside the mainstream norm of what we are told sex is, I became passionate about deepening my studies of Tantra and sacred sexuality. Soon enough I realised that this was my true passion, I accepted that I had a gift worth sharing, and that I had the personal qualities and skills necessary to become a Tantric practitioner.  I studied a lot of courses and workshops, and started offering sessions.  That was 9 years ago.

What are the main principles of Tantra and how does it connect you to spirituality?

Tantra is the art of relaxing through arousal, the art of love, the art of meditating on pleasure.  The main principles are to slow everything down, be more mindful and present with every nuance of sensation, breathe deeply, let sounds flow, and move our sexual energy from the genitals around the body using imagination and intention to create full body orgasmic pleasure.   The tantric approach can create valley orgasms,  orgasmic states that last for hours.  It is spiritual because when we are outside the normal confines of our ego we are closest to ‘god’, and sex is the fast track way to get there.  We can achieve much more in a short space of time when we are present with our partner and sexual energy is flowing than we ever could through meditating alone for years. By combining sex and meditation, we can access states of consciousness not available with either practice alone.   Sex has an evolutionary function: when we shift away from a genital and peak orgasm focus and instead conduct sexual energy upwards, it is the energy of enlightenment.   Different chemical reactions in the body take place, the mind becomes flooded with dopamine, serotonin and DMT, the pineal gland can become activated, and one can experience energetically merging with the other, you might feel your chakras lighting up, experience visions in the third eye, or feel a sense of communion with something greater than yourself.  Many, different energetic, spiritual and extremely pleasurable experiences are possible when we unite spirit and sex, that’s why tantra is spiritual.

What are the benefits of a Tantra Massage?

There are many.   A tantric massage will often create a whole body orgasmic pleasure in the recipient.  Bliss states are very healing and rejuvenating for the whole body and all our organs. Experiencing full body orgasmic pleasure can teach people a lot about themselves, and inspire them to create more fulfilment and connection for themselves and their partners.   A Tantric Massage teaches a person the value of slowing down and relaxing during sexual arousal, because in this relaxed mindful state, they will experience energy moving and pleasure in their bodies in new and interesting ways.   They will learn how to cultivate sexual energy, and to move it around the body, therefore showing them that orgasmic pleasure is not limited to the genitals, but we are capable of full body orgasmicness.

It will leave a person feeling full body integration and unite the genitals with the heart.

If a person has an issue the practitioner will tailor the session to specifically address that issue.  Clients will come for a tantric massage if they want to learn how to last longer, control themselves better, or have erectile issues, or for women, if they feel like they’re not very in touch with their sexual selves or feel shut down.  The tantric massage can help people become better loves, help men to last longer in bed, help couples to connect better and enjoy each other more, there are many benefits.

What does a Tantra Massage feel like?

That depends on the individual and where they are at.  Everybody is unique.  It’s a spectrum of experiences, from quiet, soothing, relaxing and nourishing, to high frequency, electric, intense, powerful, blissful, and incredible.  It’s not possible to predict, but everyone gets the experience that’s right for them.  It’s quite common for people to feel energy move through their body in new and pleasurable ways, and to have more full body orgasmic sensations than they may be accustomed to, or to feel the genital heat rise up their torso to their hearts.  Some people will have full body orgasms, for others, it may be something very close to it.  It leaves the body feeling very relaxed, and the person more deeply centred in their bodies, with less tension in the pelvic area and feeling integrated, heart, mind, body and soul.

Are there different types of Tantra Massages?

Each practitioner will have their own style, but the basic elements are the same.  A tantric massage is a very sensual, full body and holistic massage utilising lots of long flowing strokes.  It works with your sexual energy, waking it up around the body through present, loving, intuitive touch.  A man receives a Lingham massage and he can have a prostate massage too if he likes, and a woman receives a yoni massage, so they differ in that way 🙂  The attitude of the practitioner is calm, loving, and honouring of you in your entirety.

Woman With See Through Top Kissing A Hand
Photo: Woman Kissing A Mans Hand

What is the difference between a giver and a receiver during a Tantra Massage? How does the giver and the receiver prepare for a Tantra Massage?

The practitioner is giving and the client is receiving.  Some light sensual contact may be welcomed but the practitioner is not the focus of the session, the client is.   Receiving isn’t a passive state, one actively receives by following the guidance to breathe deeply, allow sounds to be expressed, stay present with the sensations of the body, and move energy for full body orgasmicness.  The receiver should have their attention within their own body, and if their attention leaves the body, they should bring it back when they realise.   The receiver doesn’t have to do much to prepare, just come with an open mind and no expectations (expectations will block the direct reality of the experience) and be freshly showered, or shower at our studios before their session.  The practitioner will prepare the room beautifully with ambience and beautiful scents, fresh towels and warm oil, and meditate before the session so that we are grounded and present and in our hearts.

How does a Tantra Massage begin?

My sessions go for between one and 2 hours usually.  4 hours for couples.

The session will begin with a conversation with the client to find out more about more about them, and if they want help or guidance with an issue then we talk about that. Some people come purely for pleasure and relaxation, and others come because they know they have an issue they would like to overcome, such as lack of libido, lack of enjoyment of sexual intimacy, inability to orgasm or weak orgasmic sensations, lack of ejaculation control, or inability to sustain an erection.  The tantric approach can help improve all of these conditions. Conversing about sex and intimacy in this new way can be very beneficial to people, and the practitioner will explain more about the session.  Practitioners may meditate with the client before the session begins.

The massage will generally begin with the person lying face down, and there are different approaches for men and women.  For women, sexual energy moves from the extremities to the breasts, to the vagina, so we touch her in such a way to facilitate this. Sensuality is the key to a woman’s sexuality, and we want her to feel safe and relaxed, so we wouldn’t touch her yoni until much later in the session when she is lying on her back, after a breast and belly massage, and only with her permission granted would we enter her yoni to begin the internal massage.  Sexual energy works differently in a man, in that his energy arises in the genitals thus we would touch his genitals at the beginning, and continually return there during the whole body massage in order to awaken and spread the sexual energy and pleasurable sensations around his body.  Everything is done in a relaxing way, so that the receiver can relax into what they are receiving, instead of being overwhelmed by intense sensations.

The practitioner will guide the client into the tantric state, and may gently encourage and guide them during the massage to be present, to feel, to have a deeper experience. You can expect a new experience of relaxing into arousal, and that you will be honoured, safe, cared for and respected meanwhile.  Your full body massage will utilise a lot of long flowing sensual strokes, and a lot of attention is applied to the, chest, belly, pelvic and thighs, buttocks and around the genitals, leaving you feeling more open and light, and deeply connected to your pelvic bowl area.  Your penis, prostate or yoni will be touched with presence and love in innocent ways, it is a healing experience to be touched without agenda or without the need to do something for a change, just to receive. The touch around the pelvic area and in the vagina releases tension and allows for more pleasure to be experienced.  People hold a lot of tension around their genitals so it is tension releasing, very grounding.  It helps a person descend deeper into their sexual sense of self.   The massage will build towards a conclusion which is either deeply relaxing or deeply invigorating or a mix of both.  It could be an emotional experience, a blissful experience, a powerful experience, or a quiet gentle experience, it depends on the receiver.

Woman In Black With Whip
Photo: Bondassage

What happens during a Bondassage?

(Written by Taranga from Bondassagebliss)

“In a Bondassage session, you’ll experience both sensory deprivation and sensory overload. First you’ll be lightly bound to my comfortable massage table. Next I cover your eyes with a blindfold, and your ears with headphones, playing soft, sensual music. Then we’ll begin to explore sensation, as my warm, experienced hands knead, stroke, tickle, spank and more. As part of the experience, you’ll also be stimulated with delicious props like fur, feathers, crops and floggers. During a session, all kinds of feelings and emotions can come up. People often report feeling a rush of endorphins, similar to a ‘runner’s high’, and the experience can take you into what’s called a subspace. Here, time slows down and you enter a meditative, trance-like zone. Your mind is stilled and your body feels alive and more responsive than ever before.”

In the beginning if you are thinking of exploring any form of BDSM play then you have to try it out to see whether or not you are enjoying this kind of sexual and sensual play.  Only then will you know.   I think there needs to be an interest in BDSM play for you to enjoy and truly trust and let go.   If BDSM play is not for you don’t do it. Certainly you need to try things out to see whether it suits your particular needs and requirements and Bondassage is a safe way to experience the pleasure and pain of light BDSM with a highly trained and sensually skillful practitioner.

What type of training do the Tantra practitioners receive?

Yes, everyone on the STM site is well trained, and we are all dedicated to our profession.  Definitely if you are thinking about a Tantric Massage you should be looking into the qualifications of your practitioner.  There are many different avenues into this work, but for sure we have all undertaken a lot of personal development around our own sexuality, we have refined our sexual energy, we have all studied sacred sexuality, and completed many workshops and retreats around Tantra, massage, energy, or shamanic healing, counseling and coaching.  All of us have our own personal meditation practices that help us maintain a grounded, aware, present and loving attitude towards our clients. There are many reasons why you should start meditating. Take a look at our personal pages on our site to find out more about what we have studied.

What is the best way to contact you?

Each practitioner has their own hours of operation, generally between 10 am and 9pm or so.  Appointments later or earlier would be at the discretion of the practitioner.

The best way to contact the practitioner is by contacting them using the contact details on their individual pages.  STM website does not take bookings for sessions as we are all private and independent practitioners, you set up your appointment by contacting the practitioner directly.

What types of services or products should a person buy if they would like to know more about Tantra Massages?

They should come along and have a tantric massage because Tantra is experiential.  It is not something you read about or learn about, it is something you have the direct experience of.   A tantric massage is an opportunity to experience something unique in your life, it will be a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience, and for some people it is a life changing experience.   Take a look at our Sydney Tantric Massage website and get in touch with the practitioner that you resonate the most with.









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